Benefits of the Newest Color Kinetics products

    Wondering why we developed ReachElite High Output, how the mixing optics of Graze Compact work, or how Optifield can help you cut costs while providing the best illuminance uniformity. 
    Newest Color Kinetics products

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    Presented by

    Tomas Sandoval
    Tomas Sandoval 
    Lighting Expert, Color Kinetics, USA
    Stijn den Ridder
    Stijn den Ridder
    Color Kinetics, Europe

    Moderated by

    Nilesh Naik
    Nilesh Naik
    Color Kinetics

    Growth Markets

    Key topics and learnings


    This Webinar is ideal for lighting professionals and anyone interested in lighting technology.


    Learning objectives:


    • How to use ReachElite High Output
    • Benefits of Graze Compact
    • How to work with Optifield optics

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