Aging friendly office lighting  

    Watch the web forum debate about office lighting for an aging workforce.
    Aging friendly office lighting

    Presented by

    Bianca van der Zande
    Bianca van der Zande
    Proposition Developer
    Philips Research
    Valerie Fletcher
    Valerie Fletcher
    Executive Director
    Institute for Human Centered Design (IHCD)
    Patricia Rizzo
    Patricia Rizzo
    Lighting Applications Developer
    Philips Lighting
    Bianca van der Zande is Proposition Developer at Philips Research. She loves exploring new opportunities and go-to-markets where Bianca is the connection between research and business.
    Valerie Fletcher is Executive Director of the Institute for Human Centered Design (HCD), she is passionate about translating research into practice in the field of human centered design. 
    Patricia Rizzo is a lighting applictions developer with a vast experience in lighting design and a focus on light and health.

    Key topics and learnings

    • European standard for office lighting is antiquated and needs reviewing
    • A 50+ worker needs twice as much light of someone in their 20s for everyday tasks
    • New technology is available to allow office workers to personalize their lighting


    The one-light-for-all principle is outdated at a time when we are all living and working longer. Today 25% of people in work are over 50 years old and office lighting needs a serious rethink at a policy level. The current European standard for writing, typing, reading and data-processing in offices is a minimum of 500 lux, but Philips has gathered research to show this is not sufficient for at least quarter of today’s global workforce.


    Industry experts Bianca van der Zande, Valerie Fletcher and Patricia Rizzo debate about the need for personalized lighting at workplaces.

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