Lighting Calculations Training

    Basic Lighting calculations

    Watch this video of Lighting Calculations to learn about the basic lighting calculations that are required to carry out a lighting design.

    Take the course on Lighting Calculations

    After completing the course, you should be able to:

    • Define the basic terms and concepts of light. 
    • Describe the basic calculations and values that you need to know before undertaking a lighting design. 
    • Explain the input fields of the DIALux Light Wizard. 
    • Describe the importance of lighting levels in arriving at a lighting design.

    Lighting simulation software

    Plug-in for DIALux, Relux and 3ds Max

    Download here your latest lighting software plug-ins for DIALux, Relux and 3ds Max design. And make it much easier for yourself to find the right luminaire for your lighting project.