Increasing energy saving through lighting

    DEWA Power Plants,
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates


    Installing LED luminaires helped DEWA and Etihad ESCO to achieve significant energy savings and reduce their yearly lighting consumption.

    "Our partner isn’t just providing products. As an ESCO, it is providing expertise and guarantees that those products will maintain the right standard of comfort for the duration of the DEWA project."


    Asif Khan - Operations Manager, Etihad ESCO

    Customer Challenge

    The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) wanted to champion Dubai’s built environment as a pioneering example of energy efficiency.

    It needed a lighting system that delivered significant energy savings in line with its sustainability goals. What’s more, it was important that the installation did not disturb the busy plant’s day-to-day operations.


    Signify focused on two main goals. DEWA needed the best lighting to enhance visual comfort for employees while reducing energy consumption. It also wanted its lighting solution involved in the plans for the long-term duration of the project. And of course, we had to be able to guarantee both energy savings and enhanced lighting levels. We did all this and more - committing to conducting maintenance and upkeep on all new LED lighting systems over the next five years. This involves carrying out annual checks – as well as measurements – of fixtures and lux levels. Should any fitting not match the guaranteed lighting levels, we will either fix or replace the failed luminaire. Overseen by our dedicated services team, we continuously monitor operations to ensure expectations are met both now and in the future.

    Case Studies

    Schiphol Airport


    With shopping, dining and relaxation at the heart of Schiphol airport’s Lounge 2 area, our lighting solution helped to move towards a sustainable future.


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