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    Playing a key role in the transition to a low-carbon economy  

    Recent achievements


    • In July 2022, we published our first-ever Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) report. It shows we have achieved gender pay equity, meaning that people throughout our organization are paid equitably for the same or similar work.
    • Since September 2020, we are 100% carbon neutral in our operations and use 100% renewable electricity.
    • At the end of 2022, we were on track to double our positive impact on the environment and society with our Brighter Lives, Better World 2025 sustainability program:
    1. On track to deliver against our ambitious goal of doubling the pace of the Paris Agreement’s 1.5ᵒ scenario
    2. Generated 29% Circular revenues and 27% Brighter lives revenues
    3. Increased the percentage of women in leadership to 28%
    • We also achieved:
    1. Carbon neutral operations and 100% renewable electricity
    2. Climate action revenues of 65%
    3. Zero waste sent to landfill
    4. 8.3 million lives lit through the Signify Foundation
    5. Safe & healthy workplace with a Total Recordable Case rate of 0.176
    6. Supplier sustainability performance rate of 94%
    • We delivered more than 2.9 billion LED lamps & luminaires in 2015-2020, avoiding the release of over 72 megatonnes of CO2 emissions.
    • On September 8, 2020, we launched Brighter Lives, Better World 2025, our new five-year plan to double our positive impact for brighter lives and a better world.

    Sustainability achievements 2020



    Sustainability program 2025



    Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Report 2022



    Signify CEO Eric Rondolat announces carbon neutrality

    Signify CEO Eric Rondolat announces carbon neutrality

    Sustainability is central to the Signify strategy. It is the company purpose to unlock the extraordinary potential of light for brighter lives and a better world. Signify is focused on increasing the energy efficiency of its products and reducing energy use in production processes. Through its sustainable lighting and sustainable operations, Signify is addressing population growth, resource challenges, and digitalization.


    Over the past 130 years, Signify pioneered many key breakthroughs in sustainable lighting, being a driving force behind several leading technological innovations, including LED. Today, approximately 13% of the world’s electricity is used for lighting. Through digital LED technology, Signify offers light that is up to 80% more energy efficient. With it, electricity usage for lighting is on track to decline to 8% by 2030. Through our leading position in the lighting industry, we believe we have an important role to play towards a low-carbon economy as the world transitions from conventional to LED lighting technology.


    This transformation and our focus on sustainability make Signify shares particularly attractive for investors who incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria into their investment decisions. The annual report has integrated information on our ESG performance. These disclosures are independently verified by Ernst & Young Accountants LLP at reasonable (highest) assurance level, making them especially suitable for primary data analysis.

    Highlights of external recognition in 2022

    • CDP: Climate A list & Supplier Engagement Leader
    • Dow Jones Sustainability World Index member in the Electrical Components and Equipment category
    • Leader (AA) by MSCI
    • Leader (89/100) by Sustainalytics in the Electrical Equipment Industry
    • Top 1% of our Industry and top 5% of the ESG Risk Ratings Universe
    • Platinum medal for our sustainability performance
    • Prime Status by ISS Corporate Solutions
    • ESG leader by VBDO


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