Connected lighting and Light as a Service in manufacturing

    Light as a Service (LaaS) provides an innovative business model that replaces and upgrades industrial and commercial lighting systems, while alleviating customers from owning and operating a new system.


    While this shift requires a spending transition from capex to opex, the result is a low cost, high-reward solution for lighting replacement and upgrade initiatives.


    This whitepaper, produced in partnership with Guidehouse Insights, uses real-world examples to explore the potential cost and energy savings achieved by LaaS, while discussing the global market outlook for the future of service business models.

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    Guidehouse Insights is a premier market intelligence and advisory firm covering the global energy transformation with a focus on emerging resilient infrastructure systems. Guidehouse Insights is not beholden to any special interests and is thus able to offer clear, actionable advice to help clients manage transformation, unfettered by technology hype, political agendas, or financial influences that are inherent in emerging technology markets.

    About our partner Guidehouse

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