Leveraging LiFi to monetize co-working lobbies


    With the number of coworking spaces on the rise, hotel owners are looking to cash-in on the growing trend. Find out how you can harness the potential of LiFi technology and stay head of the curve when it comes to coworking in your hotel lobby.


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    Webinars and trends

    • Biophilic Design

      Biophilic Design

      Join this webinar on Sep 24, 2020 to understand what can nature teach us about creating happier & healthier spaces to live & work in.

    • Listen to the Winners - CLUE 05

      Listen to the Winners - CLUE 05

      Join this webinar on July 23, 2020 to listen to the winners about the winning projects from CLUE Competition 05.

    • Nowhere near human-centered design yet

      Nowhere near human-centered design yet

      Join this webinar on May 28, 2020 to understand how to bring to the table the evidence of value of work.

    Discussions and workshops

    • Pioneers of Light - Bali

      Pioneers of Light - Bali

      This Pioneers of Light workshop held last September 2019 was an exclusive opportunity for leading lighting design professionals to benefit from sharing their experiences and best practices in an informal way and gain insights into the latest technologies from Signify.

    • The Internet of People

      The Internet of People

      Watch this video as moderator: Elizabeth Donoff facilitates an exclusive round table discussion on The Internet of People: The Engagement Factor of IoT with Different Practices.

    • The evolution of light

      The evolution of light

      This eBook includes a study on the influence of Chinese culture on modern-day lighting.

    Basics of light

    • Lighting theory essentials

      Lighting theory essentials

      Lighting theory essentials is a selection of short videos which covers the key elements of Lighting theory.

    • LED essentials

      LED essentials

      How does LED work? What are the benefits of LED? How to apply LEDs for health benefits? Learn all about the basics of LED in these 8 short videos.

    • Standards & Regulations

      Standards & Regulations

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