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    Is Lighting Design Timeless?


    This talk by Dean Skira, lighting designer and founder of Skira Architectural Lighting Design, is not about answers. It’s about learning to question everything we think we know about lighting design.


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    Is lighting design timeless

    Webinars and trends

    • Fundamental and Inspirational Light

      Fundamental and Inspirational Light

      Join this webinar on March 21 to understand how light plays a large role in human activity. It seems natural that such a primal component of human life would also become a source of inspiration to the human spirit.

    • Stadium lighting - Beyond the field

      Stadium lighting - Beyond the field

      Join this webinar on May 23 to learn how lighting effects and controls are becoming integral factors for enhancing the architecture of a venue.

    • Subtext of Context in Lighting Design

      Subtext of Context in Lighting Design

      Join this webinar on April 25 and dive deeper to understand the nuances of some of the various components of human complexity before getting into detailed design.

    Discussions and workshops

    • Burlington Co-Create Session

      Burlington Co-Create Session

      Listen to these Lighting Designers/ Artists what their answer are on the following questions.

    • Lighting Design of Things

      Lighting Design of Things

      In this episode, moderator - Alan Tulla, will have an exclusive round table, discussing on Lighting design of thing with designers and academics.

    • The Shape of Lighting to Come

      The Shape of Lighting to Come

      In this episode, moderator - Paul James, Editor in Chief, Arc magazine, will have an exclusive round table discussing on IoT real-time data for co-creation with visionary architects and lighting designers.

    Basics of light

    • Lighting theory essentials

      Lighting theory essentials

      Lighting theory essentials is a selection of short videos which covers the key elements of Lighting theory.

    • LED essentials

      LED essentials

      How does LED work? What are the benefits of LED? How to apply LEDs for health benefits? Learn all about the basics of LED in these 8 short videos.

    • Standards & Regulations

      Standards & Regulations

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    • Interviews


      Meet our specifiers: learn how the world’s top lighting designers, architects and engineers are taking lighting beyond illumination.