101 Collins Street  

    Melbourne, Australia

    Thanks to its dazzling light show, the 101 Collins Street tower in Melbourne wows the public with a fully interactive experience.


    Development and implementation: Bluebottle

    Lighting designer: ARUP
    Installer: Brolec electrical contractors


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    151 N Franklin St

    Chicago, Illinois, USA

    The owners of N Franklin Tower in Chicago transformed the terrace’s imposing concrete wall into a dynamic digital experience, making the space feel more open, welcoming, and organic.


    Experience design: ESI Design, NBBJ studio, and upLIGHT

    Lighting design: upLIGHT

    Architect of record: Adamson Associates
    Luminaires: Color Kinetics iColor Accent Compact, Color Kinetics iColor Flex LMX gen2


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    VUE Restaurant

    OUE Bayfront, Singapore

    Diners at the VUE restaurant in Singapore are treated to a unique ambience, all thanks to the striking curved ceiling and dynamic lighting design.


    Lighting design: Klaasen Lighting Design – KLD

    Luminaires: Color Kinetics PureStyle IntelliHue Powercore
    Lighting systems : Color Kinetics iPlayer 3, Color Kinetics Data Enabler Pro


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    New York Power Authority

    New York, USA

    With Interact City IoT lighting software, NYPA is helping New York municipalities convert their street lights to connected LED. How? By cutting energy usage, lowering emissions, and creating a platform for smart city deployments.


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    Responsive lighting display reacts to your speed

    De Zwerm Underpass, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

    De Zwerm Underpass’ dynamic, responsive lighting display changes depending on speed, traffic flow and temperature, making it an iconic landmark.


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    Bright stars in a dark sky

    Puerto de la Cruz in the Canary Islands is world-renowned for its clear nighttime sky, perfect for astronomical observations. So, lighting designer Yanes Ingenieros had a challenge on his hands: how do you use LEDs to reduce light pollution?


    Lighting designer: Yanes Ingenieros


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    Grand Mosque of West Sumatra

    Padang, Indonesia

    Helping to guide prayer with light, the Grand Mosque of West Sumatra demonstrates how lighting design can enhance religious activity – both spiritual and social. 


    Architect: Urbane

    Lighting designer: Penta architecture

    Luminaires: Color Kinetics Vaya Flood, 

    Philips FlexAccent Track

    Lighting systems: Color Kinetics LSM, iPlayer 3


    Read more on Luminous magazine

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