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    "I’d like to see more importance given to the aesthetics of lighting. Both internal and external lighting can give a normal building character – and even a ‘wow’ factor.”


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    • Paulina Villalobos

      Paulina Villalobos

      Lighting designer Paulina Villalobos has a particular interest in how to light our cities so as not to destroy our relationship with the night and the stars

    • Akshay Lakhanpal

      Akshay Lakhanpal

      June edition of the Pioneers of Light interview with Akshay Lakhanpal, CEO at Space Matrix India, where he discusses the future of lighting in interior design.

    • Rawad Choubassi

      Rawad Choubassi

      Lighting clothes a city’s urban forms, argues Lebanese architect Rawad Choubassi, a specialist in urban planning and mobility who works on large-scale projects.

    • Priastini Amrita

      Priastini Amrita

      Architecture and lighting form an essential partnership according to Priastini Amrita, senior project architect in Bandung, Indonesia.

    • Lee Barker-Field

      Lee Barker-Field

      Effective lighting design is more imperative than ever in the face of contemporary stresses and expectations, according to Lee Barker-Field, head of lighting at AECOM.

    • Faraz Izhar

      Faraz Izhar

      A senior architectural lighting designer in Dubai, Faraz Izhar believes that light acts as a fourth dimension of architecture. It structures architecture’s rhythm and shape and gives life to inert building materials.

    • Renzo Piano

      Renzo Piano

      Architect Renzo Piano believes that if an architect wants to create poetry, he needs to know how to work with wind and light.

    • Andrea Hartranft

      Andrea Hartranft

      Andrea Hartranft, Principal at Hartranft Lighting Design, doesn’t back down from a challenge. Read about her journey through the lighting industry, her thoughts on its future and much more in this exclusive interview.

    • Serina Tarkhanian

      Serina Tarkhanian

      Serina Tarkhanian serves as the president of CLUE (Community Lighting for the Urban Environment) competition – created for students and young professionals to showcase their lighting designs.

    • Carmenza Henao Londoño

      Carmenza Henao Londoño

      Carmenza Henao Londoño is Colombia’s first independent lighting designer and one of Latin America’s most important figures in professional lighting design.

    • Dejan Todorović

      Dejan Todorović

      It requires many years of study and work to reach a point where you can imagine that you control the light.

    • Antonio Cruz

      Antonio Cruz

      Antonio Cruz has developed various projects in many fields and on different scales with the signature of Cruz and Ortiz Arquitectos.

    • Ben van Berkel

      Ben van Berkel

      Architect Ben van Berkel sees light as one of the most important tools in his work.

    • Ayrim Yaser Talu

      Ayrim Yaser Talu

      Ayrim Yaser Talu, lighting designer for ZEVE Engineering and Lighting in Istanbul, was responsible for the Kirikkale Merkez Nur.

    • Randy Burkett

      Randy Burkett

      Lighting designer Randy Burkett’s passion and extensive understanding of the art and science of light is evident as he speaks of his countless experiences.

    • Peter Hugh

      Peter Hugh

      Peter Hugh was a lighting design leader before taking the bold step of opening his own lighting design firm eighteen years ago.

    • David Ghatan

      David Ghatan

      David Ghatan, President of CM Kling + Associates, is committed to championing the lighting design profession

    • Steven Rosen

      Steven Rosen

      Steven Rosen, President and Creative Director of Available Light in Salem, Massachusetts…

    • Álvaro Siza

      Álvaro Siza

      Architect Alvaro Siza “professor” a lifetime commitment to “ the affect of indirect lighting features prominently in design.

    • Mark Major

      Mark Major

      Lighting designer Mark Major discusses his background, why he became a lighting designer and his predictions for the future of lighting design.

    • Paul Gunawan

      Paul Gunawan

      Indonesian lighting designer Paul Gunawan believes that lighting significantly influences our well-being and a building’s values.

    • Massimiliano Fuksas

      Massimiliano Fuksas

      Massimiliano Fuksas, one of the most respected international architects, uses light as a design tool.

    • Nancy Clanton

      Nancy Clanton

      Lighting designer Nancy Clanton earned an architectural engineering degree with an illumination emphasis when lighting design as a career was in its infancy

    • Victor Palacio

      Victor Palacio

      Lighting designer Victor Palacio, Founder of “ideas en luz” in Mexico City, has a passion for both engineering and architecture.

    • Galina Zbrizher

      Galina Zbrizher

      Lighting designer Galina Zbrizher started working in the lighting industry when lighting design and technologies were still in early stages of development.

    • Jill Cody

      Jill Cody

      If we find the right balance between light, surfaces and materials, we can create beauty in any space.

    • Jonathan Groswasser

      Jonathan Groswasser

      Jonathan Groswasser, partner at Yashar Architects, takes his inspiration from the Modern and International style of Tel Aviv.

    • Kas Oosterhuis

      Kas Oosterhuis

      Architect Kas Oosterhuis and his “Hyperbody” research group are working on the development of “non-standard architecture”.

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