The Internet of People


    The Internet of People: The Engagement Factor of IoT with Different Practices


    Technology is a driving force in our contemporary life. As we move through this 24/7 world and the shift from analog to digital, how do we navigate technological transformation? What role does and can lighting play as we develop new tools, methods of work, and create today's and tomorrow's environments?


    What would happen if we create an "Internet of People"?


    Watch the recording of this panel discussion to explore ideas about technology and design together, and what it means in the digital world.

    The Internet of People


    Arlon Bayliss
    Arlon Bayliss
    Artist, Designer, Educator & Public Speaker
    Bayliss & Co. LLC

    Arlon uses light as material and metaphor. His public artwork invites viewers from all backgrounds to explore dynamic forms that integrate colored light and reflections. 


    His artwork can be found here.

    Tapio is also the founder of Lighting Design Collective.


    Skandal Technologies is a new technology start-up developing Ambient Communication systems for built environment.

    Yihyun Lim

    Yihyun Lim
    Director MIT Design Lab
    MIT Design Lab


    Jose dos Santos
    Jose dos Santos 
    Head of Design & User Experience | Americas


    Elizabeth Donoff

    Elizabeth Donoff

    Freelance Editor and Writer
    Formerly Editor-in-Chief of Architectural Lighting Magazine

    What is IoT?

    Here is a good illustration of the vast reality of the Internet of Things – and at the same time an illustration of what it means.


    The top right section clearly shows the Internet of Things: smart objects with an IP address which can sense (depending on use case, gather data on various parameters such as location, temperature, moisture level and dozens of more possibilities). This data gets sent for processing or analyzed at the source.


    The upper left section is the ‘Internet of People’. Think about everything you use to connect with the Internet, such as your smartphone. It’s in the meeting of this sphere and the Internet of Things that most Internet of Things consumer applications today get born. Several so-called Consumer IoT (CIoT) applications such as wearables can’t live without smartphones. Moreover, for several control and monitoring activities you’ll need some sort of device such as a tablet, for example in a smart home context.


    The sphere at the bottom of the image is composed of all connected objects that do not have an IP address and do not belong to the Internet of Things. They exist since a long time, mainly in the sphere of industrial Internet and we see them migrate to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Replacing such devices or tagging them so they become IoT-enabled is a part of what happens in IIoT.


    Background of our debates


    An innovative series of discussion webinars has been set up in partnership with Lighting University and Luminous magazine last year.


    Past webinars online on the Lighting University website and Youtube:



    Articles in Luminous magazine, extract of the discussion interview in print and flipbook.


    • In the Fabric, panel discussion on embedded light – Luminous 21, May 2018.
    • Maintaining Quality, Jeff Shaw, Thorsten Bauer and Paul Gregory discussion – Luminous 19, May 2017.


    In continuation, this panel discussion will feature another topic with leading thinkers and practitioners in the world of lighting.

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