The language of Light and why it comes
    naturally to us

    Watch this webinar to learn about our sense of light, and why light is a language that we see, know and feel intuitively.

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    The language of light – Design principles for natural lighting


    An introduction to the human experience of light and why our sense of light, our sight, is a universal sensorial language understood intuitively by people everywhere. The paper explores how pioneering lighting designers have exploited the language of light to create innovative projects that effect the way we see, think and feel. Finally it sets out a set of design principles for creating lighting experiences that feel natural and livable for our everyday needs and our health and wellbeing. By Paul Thursfield

    Key topics and learnings


    How we experience light is far more than just a factor of how much illumination is necessary to do a task. Our sense of light, our sight, is a sensorial language that shapes what we see, know, and feel about the world around us. The language of light is so universal and intuitive that we barely notice how it affects us and shapes our experiences every day. But how does this language work? Does it have a syntax and grammar like written language? Or does it have chords and rhythm like we use in music? If light is a language then how can we compose with it to shape desirable experiences?


    In this webinar Paul will answer these questions and show that we are at the beginning of a new era lighting where the way we use light everyday will become far more rich and diverse, driving the need for a set of core principles to guide how we design and compose lighting experiences using the language of light.


    Learning objectives:


    • A new era of lighting – why do we need a new approach to designing with light?
    • The sense of light - Seeing, Knowing and Feeling – Why is light a language and how does it work?
    • Natural is best – why are natural experiences of light so important and what does it do for us?
    • Re-connecting with nature – an example of how we brought the feeling of outdoors into the office using the language of light in nature.

    Presented by

    Paul Thursfield

    Paul Thursfield




    Paul is currently the lead for light experience at Signify Design and an innovator in first of a kind lighting solutions that have been brought to market over the last two decades. He began his journey with lighting while working on the Livingcolors for Philips, the world’s first led ambience creation product that led to the development of the HUE lighting system. He continued to be the driver behind many products such as the HUE Beyond, HUE Signe and HUE go and the development of HUE app features such as the light scene from a picture, the many premade HUE light scenes and the music light feature. In his spare time he has also participated in various international light festivals with experimental interactive light and music instruments such as Aura, Lightfall and the Light Lab Quartet, that played on the expressive possibilities of gesture based interactions. Recently he became creative lead for NatureConnect, a new venture in lighting for the office that utilizes the language of light approach to bring the experience of light from outdoors into the office, and developing new design principles for creating natural lighting experiences.


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