Solar Streetlighting for Eastern Residences at Falcon City of Wonders

    Solar Streetlighting at Falcon City of Wonders, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


    Our Vertical Solar Solution provides a significant contribution to project sustainability goals which is inline with Dubai's aims to increase the share of clean energy.

    Customer Challenge


    Eastern Residences at Dubai Falcon City of Wonders is a delightfull collection of elegant five and six all-master-bedroom villas in an excluive gated community that offers peace of mind of living in a safe and secure environment. As part of the project sustaibility goals, renewable energy sources were considered for ligting up the streets. However the products used shall also must be aesthetically appealing and compliment to the overall project deisgn intent.

    "In our unwavering dedication to champion Dubai's profound pledges to UN sustainability objectives, M/s Gerab Energy Systems LLC proudly introduced a visionary proposal to our esteemed clientele. Embarking on a transformative journey, we orchestrated the integration of renewable energy sources to illuminate the enchanting streets of the Eastern residence community at Falcon City of Wonders. Our innovative concept design, adorned with the majestic Falcon logo, seamlessly merged with Signify's cutting-edge high-performance off-grid vertical solar solution. This collaborative endeavor not only illuminated pathways but also epitomized a harmonious synergy towards realizing the project's sustainability aspirations. Together, we illuminate the present while safeguarding the future."

    Vertical PV - An apt solution


    Solar Vertical PV was the apt offering, however this demands a carefull light pole design. Hence we collaborated with Gerab Engineering and they were able to deliver the poles inline with the requirements. The pivotal role we played in the project to establish the installation methodology aslo helped the customer to do a smooth project delivery. The solar lighting reduces 57MWhr of energy consumption and saves 36.2 Tons of CO2 Emission per year contributes significantly to the project sustainability goals.

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