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    Having flexibility in lighting is need of the hour.”

    Roopa Raghu, Signify Pioneers of light

    Leading MEP consultant, Roopa Raghu, sheds light on the critical significance of good lighting in the realm of workspaces. With years of experience and a deep understanding of the intricate interplay between design, functionality, and human well-being, She provides invaluable insights into how proper lighting can significantly impact the productivity, mood, and overall efficiency of a workspace.


    How your career has shaped up as leading MEP consultant?

    Being completed Graduation from Bangalore University in EEE stream and being secured 1st rank (Gold medalist) in 2003 it was difficult to opt the stream to work. Main motto was to be in Electrical design and hence opted for Electrical building design. 2 Decades been worked as MEP consultant feels me proud.


    MEP consultant is an individual who provides subject matter expertise to their clients on engineering related projects and evaluates the project's design. Being part of the complete technical design of the building right from scratch and seeing the functionality of the same when building become operational is a great pride. MEP always give life to buildings.


    In the entire career, have designed numerous buildings for various applications. MEP consultant need to be proactive, do multi-tasking and keep on thinking to reduce the building operational cost by implementing various measures.


    Briefly share about your agency Etechnology consultancy.

    Etechnology Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd, was founded in 2019 but official operations started in 2022 due to COVID. It’s been a year now since we started the firm. Motto was to provide MEP design for the new buildings with young team. Glad to say we have completed design of around 20Lakh Sq.ft projects in this year for various corporate companies. We provide results-oriented, value–added services to our client. To cover the marker needs, we provide Comprehensive MEP solutions using subject professionals, provide High quality delivery, On time completion and tailored approach to each project.


    “We are emerging consultancy firm, built by seasoned professionals from MEP design sector having aptitude in electromechanical engineering. Design management team has experience to provide its clientele the latest technology in the industry to achieve optimum OPEX at reasonable CAPEX”


    What is your approach and strategies being implemented for overall design of a space?

    We make use of best available resources in industry, reduce wastes, increase productivity, optimize cost, manage risk, maintain quality, and proactively approach to resolve future issues and provide guiding suggestions to our clients. We offer all MEP design services under one umbrella, and we work with the following principles: Deliver exceptional services; Take ownership in everything; Commit to continuous improvement; Embrace creativity and innovation; Build a positive team environment; & finally, making it count.


    We recognize the value that excellence in design can add to a project and the important contribution this can make to the quality of the built Environment. Our approach to design is based on clear understanding of our clients.

    Illuminating WeWork, shared workspace, India
    Illuminating WeWork, shared workspace, India


    What is the role of good lighting in modern workspace design?

    The modern workplace has evolved to become much more than just a place to complete daily tasks. Many employees now view their workplace as a second home, where they have the opportunity to explore new ideas, meet diverse people, and feel motivated to work hard every day. This shift in mindset is driven because of changing nature of work, the desire for a better work-life balance, and the increasing prominence of the workplace as a social and cultural hub. Therefore, enhancing the ambiance of a workplace is a crucial step in ensuring employee well-being and success. “Working smarter, not harder” is a phrase that has become synonymous with efficiency and productivity. A critical aspect of this transformation has been the role of lighting. It is one of the most principal factors in creating a positive and supportive work atmosphere.


    In short, things have changed, and will keep changing. We need lighting that can meet the demands of this change, that both complements natural light and enhances the atmosphere of our different workday scenes.


    Offices should be a place where we thrive, but studies have shown there are a variety of negative impacts on health and productivity that arise from poorly designed and badly lit offices. A lack of appropriate lighting can impact task performance, while lack of adequate warmth has shown clear associations with performance accuracy.


    As we have flexibility in work atmosphere, similarly having flexibility in lighting is need of the hour. Flexible lighting goes so far as to include remote, timed, and motion-detected lighting. One-color does not fit all workstations or tasks. So, to have flexible lighting, we wll need to mix up the color and temperature throughout the office depending on the specific location’s function.

    Accenture office lighting, India
    Accenture office lighting, India


    What do you see the future trend in IoT in lighting applications?

    As business owners and facility managers become more conscious of energy use, the more likely they are to implement some type of lighting control system. Many of these systems are in place today already. An IoT lighting system goes a step (sometimes several steps!) further.


    As lights are ubiquitous in any building, using IoT along with lights provides various advantages apart from just turning ON/OFF the lights. Same sensor can provide data of room occupancy, air quality, temperature, asset tracking and helps on space utilization too.


    For most businesses today, closing and opening the lighting systems manually is no longer convenient. Current lighting methods are also becoming expensive due to the increased need for more lighting systems. The need for more convenience and control has pushed people to IoT lighting, which is poised to take over in the decade to come.

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