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US LED – “Always the Right Choice!”

US LED – “Always the Right Choice!”

US LED has been dedicated to delivering a wide variety of LED solutions since 2001, and recently joined as a licensee to get access to our market leading LED patent portfolio. Ron Framer, CEO of US LED, spoke positively about joining the program: “I found the process, and working with licensing specialist Michael Fuerch to develop our licensing relationship with Philips, fair and professional.”

The company started out in signage lighting and later branched into general lighting markets when white light LEDs became available.  By late 2009, the benefits of LEDs were becoming well known. This was reflected by the company’s growing success: in the following years they won several large contracts including one for 800,000 feet of linear lighting for a major convenience store chain covering some 6000 locations.

With offices in Houston, Texas and Sao Paulo, Brazil, US LED provides LED lighting solutions to customers in retail, parking lots, garages, distribution and more, primarily in North & South America.

Today, US LED considers retrofitting as its biggest market. And with 25 million commercial buildings in the US, most still using traditional lighting solutions, it’s easy to see why CEO Ron Farmer takes this view. The company’s success has certainly been helped by its ability to tailor its lighting solutions to each customer’s requirements through in-house engineering.

As US LED can testify, more and more companies are being drawn to LED lighting due to its many benefits. While lower power consumption plays a significant role, LEDs can make a difference in many other ways too. For example, new LED installations can provide more light, more efficiently and last much longer than alternative sources. And the light quality is at least equal to or even better than existing installations, enhancing people’s vision and wellbeing.

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