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    The LED age of aquariums

    The LED age of aquariums

    Specialist aquarium lighting suppliers Tiao Jiou Ltd began their enterprise 9 years ago. They first demonstrated their LED solutions at Interzoo, the world’s premier annual pet supplies exhibition in Germany. At the show they discovered they were one of only two companies demonstrating LED lighting solutions for aquariums. To this day, the company’s pioneering attitude continues to be a differentiator – as early adopters of new technology, and by looking to expand into different regional markets.


    Tiao Jiou takes pride in delivering solutions to professionals and consumers which delight both the aquarium’s owners as well as the tank’s inhabitants. Color reproduction is a big challenge for aquariums. Colors must make everything pleasing to the eye while also supporting all the different lifeforms. Plants, coral and fish all require different types of light. For example, to aid photosynthesis a fresh, natural light is used. LED lighting is ideal as it can be tuned to reproduce colors to simulate the marine environment. And of course, waterproof lights are a must.

    People also want more control over their aquarium’s environment. Four years ago, Tiao Jiou was first to offer the ‘connected aquarium’, using a USB connection to control light settings. Now the company is amongst the first to integrate wireless technology into their LED systems for aquariums, giving fish enthusiasts the ultimate in remote lighting control via their mobile devices. Users can choose preset color, lighting and timing schemes, or program their own profiles.


    Based in Taiwan, Tiao Jiou’s current overseas market includes Japan and U.S. They are looking to grow their business further by expanding into Europe. A challenging proposition, due to both distance and different regional requirements. In March 2015, to help with this ambition and open up new technology frontiers, the company became enabLED with Philips IP&S through our LED licensing program. Our team guided them through the process, helping with complicated legal terms and identifying their specific requirements. Being able to deal in a chosen currency was also found to be very useful.

    Being a licensed LED product manufacturer enables Tiao Jiou to open up new business opportunities, attracting companies more likely to do business with licensed manufacturers. It will also give them access to new technologies through open innovation, helping them reduce time-to-market, reduce their development cost and stay ahead of competitors.