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    3D Printed

    MS Series

    MS Series

    Track Lighting


    Even the most innovative stylists maintain a few key basic pieces, and in lighting, every retailer needs a collection of essential spotlights for track applications. 3D Printed Track, MS Series provides a wide variety of configuration options, perfectly suited for commercial, retail and hospitality uses.

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    Specification Grade

    Omnispot LED cylinder

    OmniSpot LED Track Heads


    OminSpot LED Track Heads are designed to meet the most demanding retail challenges through sleek and discrete aesthetics while providing a high center beam candlepower. OmniSpot LED cylinder allows for less than 1" of space between the track head and track in the ceiling.

    OmniSpot LED recessed multiples

    OmniSpot LED Recessed Multiples


    OmniSpot LED Recessed Multiples are designed for easy specifying and quick installation. Utilizes the same LED technology and reflectors as our track heads, providing performance consistency and design continuity within existing space.

    Alcoy LED Vertical

    Alcyon LED Vertical Track Heads


    Alcyon LED Vertical is a single-optic LED platform designed with a balance of form, function and visual comfort. It's complete flexibility in lumen output and beam angles allow for optimal lighting designs including extremely tight accent applications. The interchangeable reflectors help designers customize the light output to create the perfect environment.

    Alcoy LED Recessed Multiples

    Alcyon LED Recessed Multiples


    Alcyon LED Recessed Multiples offers vertical recessed lighting in a three-part system designed to offer high-performing, targeted illumination to meet today’s accent lighting needs. Alcyon LED Vertical recessed lighting utilizes the same LED technology and reflectors as the track heads, providing performance consistency and design continuity within a space.

    Performance Grade


    BoldFlood LED Track Heads


    BoldFlood is a unique offering allowing for the best in flood and wall wash performance without giving up on efficacy. Designed for energy savers looking to maintain high quality performance and rich color saturation from an aesthetic track luminaire. Perfect for illuminating any retail wall display or wall application with even brilliant light

    High performance LED Flood

    LightFlood LED Track Heads


    This high performing LED flood produces a soft wash of light while using less energy than fluorescent and ceramic metal halide sources.

    Value Grade

    CorePro LED Mini Cylinder

    CorePro LED Mini Track Heads


    CorePro LED Mini Cylinder is a completely integrated LED luminaire. By combining the optics, light source, thermal management system and driver into a single housing, this luminaire provides a sleek look suitable for lower mounting heights and smaller spaces. This small, sleek luminaire design offers efficacy up to 80 lm/w.

    Gimbal LED

    Gimbal Track Heads


    The Gimbal LED is a minimal, functional form with cleanly detailed yoke and ring-shaped lamp holder, uses PAR-38 lamp for maximum compactness. Unit adjusts horizontally up to 350°, vertically up to 90°. Regressed spring clips retain filters, spread lens, louver, adjustable “barn doors” and wall washer accessory.

    Track Systems

    Track Systems
    We use the original design because of the unique "C" channel conductor which allows for robust connectivity and longer durability, making Lightolier Basic and Advent tracks superior to any competitor. The conductor prevents arcing - when the track luminaire loses connection to the track.
    High performance LED Flood

    High performance LED Flood


    High performance LED Flood, produces a soft wash of light while using less energy than Fluorescent and CMH sources.


    Track Accessories

    Track Accessories
    We offer a variety of track accessories to ensure you get the right light where you need it. 


    Conventional Track Heads

    Track Lighting


    Lightolier offers several conventional track heads. There are a variety of product families to choose from that can provide the right lighting for the right application, all with the trusted Lightolier quality.

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