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    Gardco product categories

    Architecturally relevant, configurable and functional energy saving lighting solutions that enhance and complement outdoor spaces.


    Garage and Canopy

    Garage and Canopy

    Poles and Brackets

    Poles and Brackets

    Site and Area

    Site and Area

    Wall Mount

    Wall Mount

    Outdoor & performance lighting    

      Gardco features specification grade architectural outdoor luminaires designed to enhance and complement any exterior. We strive for unparalleled optical performance, top notch quality, and award winning design.

    Gardco OptiForm  

    Introducing OptiForm, a luminaire family that revolutionizes site and area lighting by saving time, energy and money. Elevate your outdoor space with OptiForm.


    Learn more about OptiForm Site and Area lighting

    OptiForm family shot

    Gardco GeoForm wall sconces


      GeoForm offers six distinct luminaire shapes to pair with buildings large and small, modern or traditional. Designed around the latest in LED technology, these sconces are small in scale, featuring a minimalistic daytime aesthetic. At night, GeoForm sconces combine best-in-class pathway lighting with specialized optics to highlight any façade.                    

    PureForm site and area luminaires


    Creativity and continuity can coexist. With the Gardco PureForm luminaire, you can illuminate an entire site with one family, yet each individual luminaire is optimally designed. We know that your image is your reputation, and PureForm makes it easy to provide both comfort and performance while making a distinct impression. Seamlessly integrating the entire family with the latest controls solutions also makes management easy, further enhancing value and allure.


    EcoForm LED site and area luminaires  

      Create an impactful first impression, with the long-lasting, energy-efficient illumination of Gardco EcoForm luminaires.

      Learn more about EcoForm LED



    Interact enabled smart lighting creates a more comfortable experience, while boosting energy savings to meet sustainability targets. Interact is a connected system with wireless luminaire level controls and integral occupancy & daylight sensing. The system is scalable, ensuring it will meet your needs now and in the future.

    The new Philips outdoor parking sensor extends the wireless capabilities of Interact to parking areas. Detecting both motion and daylight, this sensor can contribute to a facility’s operational efficiency, sense of security and energy savings.


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