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    OmniSpot LED Track Heads

    OmniSpot with CRI 90 AccuRender: specification grade track heads with LED Color Recipes

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    OmniSpot LED Track Heads
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        • Specifications NEW! OmniSpot Track Head with AccuRender - Spec Sheet pdf 2.5 MB
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        Our upgraded OmniSpot LED cylinder is now available with Signify's AccuRender technology - a highly efficacious CRI 90. Designed to meet the most demanding retail challenges through sleek and discrete aesthetics, while providing a high center beam candlepower and lighting performance. OmniSpot allows for less than 1" of space between the track head and track in the ceiling, making it a perfect fit for a variety of applications.


        Compact, sleek aesthetic with no visible heat sink
        Excellent beam control with industry leading center beam candlepower up to 30,000
        Very unobtrusive track head at less than 1" of space between the track and track head
        Variety of adapters available, making installation a breeze
        Superior optical control designed for retail & hospitality applications


        4 interchangeable beam spread options: 11°, 18°, 24°, 36°
        Snoot, hex cell, and diffusion films available to customize your lighting needs
        LED Color Recipes: CrispWhite, Premium White, and Premium Color options available to make your colors pop
        Efficacies up to 116lm/W
        ELV dimming


        Food and Large Retailers
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