Day-Brite by Signify  - General purpose and performance lighting
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Day-Brite CFI product categories

Affordable and energy efficient stand-alone and connected lighting solutions for general purpose commercial or industrial projects.

General purpose and performance lighting    

    Day-Brite CFI is an industry leader in general purpose and performance lighting systems. With products ranging from high performance recessed ceiling troffers to industrial grade high bay luminaires, Day-Brite CFI's extensive portfolio offers the utmost in quality, performance and efficiency for a variety of applications.

FluxPanel LED luminaires


Investing in quality pays off in the long run 

  • Help bolster wellbeing. Immerse users in comfortable, welcoming spaces that are free of glare and distractions; with color that remains consistent across luminaires and over time.
  • Protect both the integrity of electrical equipment and building efficiency from the effects of total harmonic distortion. 
  • Rely on one flat panel LED luminaire family for multiple applications - recessed, surface, or suspended.


Product Highlights

  • EvoGrid Recessed LED

    EvoGrid Recessed LED

    Provides a unique blend of budget-minded design coupled with architectural appeal.

  • LBX linear suspended luminaire

    LBX linear suspended luminaire

    LBX luminaires provide the right light for any retail space where uniformity targets are important.

  • FluxStream LED strip

    FluxStream LED strip

    This luminaire family is available for a wide variety of applications with a consistent look and light output.

  • FluxGrid Recessed LED

    FluxGrid Recessed LED

    Functional, efficient and environmentally friendly illumination throughout your spaces.

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