Sustainability progress

    Q3 2020 results Brighter Lives, Better World


    In 2016 our CEO Eric Rondolat launched our sustainability program ‘Brighter Lives, Better World’ at Climate Week NYC. Through this ambitious program, we’re committing ourselves to taking some big leaps forward by 2020. We’ve made significant gains towards meeting those goals. To learn more on our Q3 2020 result, check out the promising numbers below or watch our video to see how we did it. 


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    sustainable revenues

    Goal: 83,6% sustainable revenues by 2020


    In Q3 2020, 83.6% of our revenues came from sustainable products, systems or services.

    2 billion LED lamps and luminaires

    Goal: deliver 2 billion LED lamps and luminaires by 2020

    By Q3 2020, we delivered 2.734 billion LED lamps & luminaires, effectively avoiding more than 64,700 kilotonnes of CO2 being emitted.
    Carbon neutral operations

    Goal: carbon neutral operations by 2020


    We are carbon neutral in our operations and our YTD Q3 2020 gross carbon footprint is 208 kilotonnes of CO2, a year-on-year reduction of 26%.

    zero waste to landfill

    Goal: zero waste to landfill by 2020


    In Q3 2020, 16 tonnes of waste were sent to landfill. This is 92% less than in Q3 2019.

    91% of all our manufacturing waste is recycled.

    Safe and healthy workplace

    Goal: safe and healthy workplace
    Total Recordable Case (TRC) rate 0.35 by 2020.


    We recorded a TRC rate of 0.20 per 100 FTEs, a decline of 43% compared to Q3 2019.

    Sustainable supply chain

    Goal: sustainable supply chain

    Performance rate of 90% by 2020.


    In Q3 2020, we achieved a supplier sustainability performance rate of 99%.

    Our achievements so far


    Here are some examples of the achievements we have made as part of our Brighter Lives, Better World program.

    Member of the DJSI World Index since our IPO for 4 consecutive years and Industry Leader in 2017, 2018 and 2019.
    Recognized on the Climate A list for our leadership in environmental performance.
    Recognized as supplier engagement leader.
    Awarded the platinum medal for our sustainability performance and positioned in the top 1% among all companies assessed.

    Brighter Lives, Better World

    Brighter Lives, Better World infographic with 2018 results