University program  

    Lighting Essentials

    Lighting Essentials


    Have a look at our special training program which is designed to keep you up-to-date with all the latest technologies and techniques. It features a series of short videos to guide you through the world of lighting, controls, systems and LED basics.


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    Clue Edition 05

    Clue Edition 05


    CLUE has set itself the goal of encouraging and challenging young designers and emerging Professionals to develop innovative lighting concepts.  The competition aims to inspire and empower young designers such as students and growing professionals.


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    Pioneers of Light

    Pioneers of light


    This is a Signify global hub for architects, lighting designers and engineers. Here, you’ll find the latest ground-breaking lighting projects, events, training and tools to help you use lighting to create brighter lives and a better world.


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    Transform your lighting knowledge with Signify workshop


    Here at Signify we believe that by giving advanced lighting education to young professionals, we are realizing our mission to brighten up the world in every sense.


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    Knowing about light for better lighting


    The aim of the masterclass is to educate and train future Lighting Designers, Engineers and Architects by equipping them with a university course consisting of 16 – 20 classes.

    The Master class will be divided into 5 sections: Theory of light and Lighting, LED Lighting Systems, Fundamentals of Control, Green Switch and Quality of Light and Introduction to Lighting Design.


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