The objectives of the training itineraries:


    The aim of the masterclass is to educate and train future lighting designers, Engineers and Architects by equipping them with the following specific competencies:


    • An understanding of the demands of the world of lighting for different segments of applications
    • Knowledge of the technical parameters and the quantitative and qualitative aspects of light
    • Recognition of the behavioural, physiological and biological effects of light in different contexts
    • The understanding of catalogues and technical specifications, issued by the producers of lamps, luminaires, auxiliary electrical equipment and lighting control systems, paying attention to the regulatory factors and energy saving
    • The ability to identify and propose solutions for greater energy savings specific to each application
    • An understanding of the lighting design software. 


    The Master class will be divided into 5 sections:


    1. Theory of light and Lighting
    2. LED Lighting Systems
    3. Fundamentals of Control
    4. Green Switch and Quality of Light
    5. Introduction to Lighting Design


    Details of the content are shared in the following table. In case you are interested to join this masterclass you may register by clicking on the button below. Fill up the form and click on submit when you are done.

    Learning content of Masterclass