Circular lighting for a sustainable future

    Schiphol airport, The


    With shopping, dining and relaxation at the heart of Schiphol airport’s Lounge 2 area, our lighting solution helped to move towards a sustainable future.

    "Our choice for the new lighting in Lounge 2 shows that we take responsibility in the use of raw materials resources while committing to our sustainability policy."


    André van den Berg, Executive Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer Schiphol Group

    Customer Challenge

    Schiphol airport has an ambitious goal: to become the most sustainable airport in the world.


    With reducing energy consumption being a top priority, the airport also continuously looks for ways to improve its environmental impact. When they decided to refurbish their Lounge 2 area, Schiphol saw an opportunity to make a significant move towards their sustainability goal by installing energy-efficient LED lighting.


    Our circular lighting services provided Schiphol with the perfect sustainable solution.


    Instead of buying the luminaire, you just buy the light. And at the end of their lifespan, luminaires can be returned to us for reuse or recycling. 


    Couple this with a 50% reduction in electricity consumption thanks to the 3700 new LED luminaires installed, and the airport is well on its way to lessening its environmental impact.

    Case Studies

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