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    ClearGuide Technology

    A clear difference


    With the comfortable glow of Lumec SleekVision and ClassicStyle Post Tops and Bollards featuring ClearGuide LED Technology, you can now enjoy energy saving LED illumination without worrying about the harsh glare or pixelization that can be associated with LED luminaires. ClearGuide features a revolutionary, unique, vertically oriented light engine that creates transparency during the day; while at night, the center comes to life with full illumination, free from the glare typically found in standard LED technologies.

    ClearGuide leads the way


    ClearGuide Technology is vertically mounted, and light is distributed through a light guide with precision rings. This allows light to be optimally distributed for maximum spacing and target lumens without directly exposing viewers to the LED. ClearGuide controls glare without compromising performance, providing visual comfort and excellent facial recognition, to help enhance a sense of security in your city.

    Features & Benefits

    • Cohesive and complementary family approach to product design brings a seamless uniformity to outdoor spaces.
    • Two distinct luminaire families offer a variety of style options in both post tops and bollards.
    • Optimal light distribution and uniformity is achieved without direct view of the LEDs, while still allowing for maximum pole spacing.
    • ClearGuide technology mitigates pixelization and glare for enhanced visual comfort with excellent facial recognition to provide a sense of security.
    • Scalable lumen packages, multiple color temperatures and programmable dimming features make these families flexible and adaptable.
    • Standalone and connected lighting solutions available to further enhance the benefits of energy saving LED technology.

    ClassicStyle featuring ClearGuide Technology


    Express your individual style throughout the space with ClassicStyle’s unique, modular and traditional family style, including both a post top and bollard.

    SleekVision featuring ClearGuide Technology


    Now you can enjoy high-performing, energy-saving LED technology without worrying about the harsh glare or pixelization that can occur with LED luminaires.