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    It's time to liberate with light


    Agile and sophisticated, a new action hero has burst onto the scene, ModiFly suspended by Ledalite. Harness the ultimate flexibility of on-site articulation of luminaires. Create one-of-a-kind designs with unique shapes and precision angles. Dazzle your clients with striking new metallic finish options shown at right- Hero Gold, Silver Nova or Venom Black – as well as our traditional choices of black, white and titanium.

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    Lighting designs that evoke a sense of wonder

    An endless array of patterns


    ModiFly allows for ultimate flexibility, making lighting the key element of architectural design. These predefined patterns are just a handful of examplesof the shapes ModiFly has to offer. Go simple, or go big - ModiFly can help you achieve your luminous design vision.

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    Ultimate flexibility with on-site articulation

    With fool-proof angulation, rotation of pendant modules to achieve the look desired…becomes flawless. Finesse the look on-site by rotating modules in increments of 15°!


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