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    Gardco PureForm LED site & area luminaires

    With PureForm, you can illuminaite an entire site with one family, yet each individual luminaire is optimally designed. We know that your image is your reputation, and PureForm makes it easy to provide both comfort and performance, while making a distinct impression. Seamlessly integrating the entire family with the latest controls solutions also makes management easy, further enhancing value and allure.

    Aesthetics that are uniquely similar


    At a glance, PureForm luminaires are obviously all part of one family, but each product also makes a strong indiviual aesthetic statement. Your image is not sacrificed, yet your luminaire selection is simplified, saving time and hassle.

    Anticipate unexpected comfort


    Rest assured that your projects will be recognized not only for their image, but also for providing desired, yet unexpected, comfort and usability.


    Comfort optics, available in the medium area luminaire, small round area luminaire, small square area luminaire, wall sconce, and post top reduce glare for an enhanced user



    Learn more about ComfortEdge technology

    Enhance performance


    Offering higher output, precision optics accommodate higher mounting heights to optimize performance, uniformity and spacing. The precision light engine provides more control with shielding and back light control options.


    Available in the small square area luminaire, small round area luminaire, medium area luminaire, large area luminaire, wall sconce, post top and bollard, this light engine is energy efficient, providing efficacy up to 150 LPW.


    Get a full range of possibilities in one single family.

    Completely connected


    PureForm luminaires easily integrate with a full range of control options, from simple to advanced. The entire family can be controlled individually or communicate with each other, offering ease of management and significant savings




    Interact enabled smart lighting creates a more comfortable experience, while boosting energy savings to meet sustainability targets. Interact is a connected system with wireless luminaire level controls and integral occupancy & daylight sensing. The system is scalable, ensuring it will meet your needs now and in the future.


    The new Philips outdoor parking sensor extends the wireless capabilities of Interact to parking areas. Detecting both motion and daylight, this sensor can contribute to a facility’s operational efficiency, sense of security and energy savings.

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    Medium area luminaire
    with comfort optics

    Medium area luminaire

    Large area luminaire

    Small round area

    luminaire with

    comfort or precision optics

    Small square area

    luminaire with

    comfort optics

    Small square area


    Wall sconce
    with comfort optics

    Wall sconce

    Post top
    with comfort or precision optics