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    Get sophisticated controls from a simple out-of-the-box solution

    Philips Dynalite Room Automation System (PDRAS)


    Brings energy management, occupancy detection, daylight harvesting, and code-compliance to multizone spaces


    • Provides simple, intuitive controls and optional ethernet connectivity
    • Utilizes the latest generation of Dynalite hardware, pre-programmed and configured in our factory to work
      seamlessly together
    • Save on installation & startup labor with plug and play connections and out of the box automated behaviors

    Application areas

    The Room Automation System is ideal for classrooms, cafeterias, gymnasiums, libraries, open offices with multiple neighborhoods, meeting rooms, and more.

    pdras school application
    application banking
    pdras gym application
    pdras library application
    pdras breakroom application
    pdras application banking

    What can the PDRAS do for me?

    • Scene setting
    • Distributed intelligence
    • Multi-zone control
    • Manual on & automatic shut off with sensors
    • Daylight regulation
    • High end trim
    • Continuous dimming & scene setting
    • Plug load control
    • Digitally addressable lighting
    • Flexibility
    • Networking, integration & software

    How does it work?


    • The Room Automation System supports up to 5 zones per PDRAS box
    • One PDRAS controller supports up to 4 sensors and/or 4 wall switches with pre-programmed behaviors
    • All components are daisy chained together in any order using plug and play Ethernet-type connections
    • The user can then access intuitive scenes and automated system behaviors to support functional activities
    sensors or wall switches supported by pdras

    Single room layout


    Deploy the Room Automation System for a single room when you need 5 control zones.


    1. General lighting zone A
    2. General lighting zone B
    3. Presentation zone
    4. Window zone
    5. Plug load zone
    pdras application in a single room

    Dual room layout


    Deploy the Room Automation System for a dual room application using the PD2DRAS when you only need 2 control zones


    1. Room 1 general lighting zone
    2. Room 1 presentation zone
    3. Room 2 general lighting zone
    4. Room 2 presentation zone
    pdras application in dual room layout

    Looking to do more?


    Need a networked system with monitoring and management capability? The system is built on Dynalite architecture and can be scaled up to a networked system using an Ethernet Gateway to connect multiple rooms together.

    pdras for multiple room layout

    Experience the full power of Dynalite controls

    • Get independent functionality with distributed intelligence and no single point of failure
    • Integrate your lighting controls with HVAC, blinds and AV systems with a comprehensive range of integration devices
    • Whether DALI, 0-10V, DMX, relay or phase dimming, the system offers flexibility around multiple dimming protocols
    pdras full power execution