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    The Day-Brite CFI FluxGrid Recessed LED


    True progress is lasting and consistent, and so are Day-Brite CFI FluxGrid LED recessed luminaires. We start with familiar installation methods and configurations, add high-quality, energy saving LED technology, and wrap it all up in a universally appealing style that complements any environment.


    Those using the space won't notice the difference, but you'll immediately appreciate FluxGrid's advantages.

    Recognize the meaningful differences


    As you shift towards LED for everyday use, it's easy to spot the distinctive value that FluxGrid recessed luminaires extend to you.


    • Access to LED boards and drivers from below the ceiling increases maintenance convenience
    • Accepts an optional integral emergency (EMLED) battery for standby light in the event of power loss
    • Choice of ribbed or smooth lens options adds subtle elegance to any space
    • 3000-7400 lumen options plus 4 color temperatures allow for design flexibility
    • Discretely designed air return option through the lens retainers making it less noticeable in the space

    FluxGrid LED Troffer

    FluxGrid Product

    Air Return


    • Air return is a feature for the FG LED troffer with option code “H”
    • This option has special lens retainers that allow air to pass through integral slots
    • Air passes through vents to the plenum on each end of the housing
    • Air flow control blades are provided to adjust air flow to the plenum, or close off this feature if static is needed but the aesthetic is desired

    Transition to a lasting, sustainable future


    FluxGrid LED reduces energy-related expenses compared to traditional lighting technologies, and helps to meet restrictive building and energy codes. These savings are further enhanced with dimming (0-10V as standard) and optional daylight harvesting/occupancy sensing. At the same time, its long life means that maintenance resources can be allocated to non-lighting tasks.


    The result is functional, efficient and environmentally friendly illumination throughout the space.


    Product Information

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