Social impact

    Lighting the way to change


    We’re driving change to increase access to light and create brighter futures in off-grid communities. We’ve designed a range of solar lanterns and home lighting systems that enable off-grid communities to access safe, renewable lighting after dark. With this technology, social and business life no longer has to stop when the sun goes down. Light becomes a catalyst for recreation, productivity and economic growth.

    Philips solar indoor lighting system - How solar lighting transformed village life

    How solar lighting transformed village life

    Lighting Lives

    Lighting Lives

    villages with no electricity in Africa - social impact of Philips' projects

    Our CEO, Eric Rondolat, talking about access to light

    Lighting to feed the world


    More and more consumers are demanding safe, healthy and sustainably-produced food through the intelligent use of land, water, and energy close to their homes.

    Our systems for salmon production lower feed costs, reduce fish mortality and diseases, improve growth rates and quality and reduce energy use and maintenance.

    City Farming makes it possible to grow tasty and healthy food virtually anywhere, regardless of the weather or season. A controlled setting using light recipes leads to higher yields, less waste and consistently high quality with maximum nutrition and taste.

    Our water purification technology helps municipalities and industry provide safe drinking water which, in turn, helps to protect our health as well as our rivers, lakes and coastal water.

    Innovating in UV purification

    Innovating in UV purification

    Horticulture - Grow in the future

    Grow in the future

    Water purification technology - enhancing fish production

    Enhancing fish production and welfare

    Human Centric Lighting


    We understand the important impact light has on people and have developed lighting solutions to help people see, feel and function better.

    Philips Hue - brighten up your days

    Philips HUE - brighten up your days

    HealWell - the natural power of light

    HealWell - the natural power of light

    Creating visual comfort

    Creating visual comfort


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    Brighter Lives, Better World
    Brighter Lives, Better World infographic
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