Philips Hue innovations enhance immersive lighting experiences

    September 1, 2022

    Philips Hue offers new immersive lighting experiences for lifestyle and entertainment


    • Complement your home’s decor beautifully with the contemporary Philips Hue Lightguide bulbs.
    • Make your PC gaming truly immersive with Philips Hue Play gradient lightstrip for PC.
    • Enjoy more peace of mind when you're away with the new Mimic presence automation to the Hue app.


    Eindhoven, the Netherlands – Signify (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, unveils a new range of Philips Hue smart lighting products and app features, from unique design options to complement home decor and create the perfect ambiance, to more immersive entertainment experiences for gaming and music. New launches include a striking range of contemporary style bulbs available in three distinctive shapes, a new gradient lightstrip specifically designed for PC monitors to bring the ultimate light experience to PC gaming and a new Mimic presence automation to the Hue app for more peace of mind when you're away. To further enhance immersive lighting in terms of gaming and enjoying music, Philips Hue has teamed up with exciting new partners, ensuring an even more seamless experience.

    Philips Hue complements home decor with contemporary, traditional and practical design


    The new Philips Hue Lightguide bulbs, with their striking and contemporary design, bring eye-catching modern style along with all the smart light functionality of Philips Hue. Available in three shapes — large globe, ellipse, and triangular — the Lightguide bulbs house a distinctive inner tube that diffuses light in any color, while their reflective, glossy finish makes them shine even brighter. Lightguide bulbs are designed to be a statement piece that will complement the decor of any modern home and blend seamlessly with any of your favorite Philips Hue light scenes. To make them a real centerpiece, Lightguide bulbs can be matched with their very own specially designed pendant cord and metal holder. Sold separately, the fabric-wrapped cord and holder are available in black or white.


    Moving from the contemporary to the traditional, the vintage-style Philips Hue Filament candle bulb will be available in White ambiance, making it possible to choose from thousands of shades of dimmable warm-to-cool light.


    Enjoying colorful smart light in those more challenging areas of the home just got easier with the new Philips Hue slim downlight. Now it’s possible to add color-capable downlights to any room of the home thanks to the slim, canless design that’s able to fit where traditional can lights can’t. With the downlight’s slender profile, it’s easy to install into your ceiling and ideal for use in spaces with limited headroom and low or shallow ceilings. With 1200 lumens, the Philips Hue slim downlight is bright enough to fill your space with light, but it can also dim down low to help you adjust the atmosphere in your home.


    Entertainment gets even more immersive with new lights and app features


    The new Philips Hue Play gradient lightstrip for PC brings the ultimate light experience to PC gaming. Gradient-enabled lightstrips produce multiple colors of light at the same time, creating a seamless gradient of rich, high-quality light. The colors flows naturally into one another to create a truly captivating effect. The Play gradient lightstrip for PC flashes, dances, dims, and brightens right along with the on-screen action, creating an immersive gaming experience. The Play gradient lightstrip attaches to the back of your monitor with the included mounts and creates a halo effect when the monitor is placed close to a wall, thanks to the 45-degree sleeve design. The lightstrip's flexibility means it can be added to straight or curved monitors and comes in three different sizes to equip your battle stations — a 24/27-inch lightstrip and a 32/34-inch lightstrip for single-monitor setups, and a longer strip designed for a three-monitor setup using 24/27-inch screens.


    To support your immersive gaming experience, Philips Hue and CORSAIR have teamed up to give you the ultimate gaming setup and bring your gaming to life with light. You can use CORSAIR iCUE to set scenes on Philips Hue lights in your room or gaming space, synchronizing with your CORSAIR RGB gaming peripherals to create the perfect gaming atmosphere. Available now.


    To keep your immersive entertainment setup simple and user-friendly whether gaming or simply watching the TV, the current sync box mobile app will be merged with the Hue app in Q4 2022. The merge of the Philips Hue sync app into the main Hue app means users can start and complete their full entertainment flow, all in one place. The Hue app is the new home for creating entertainment areas, setting up the sync box, controlling the sync box, or enabling features such as voice and IR control for the sync box. The sync mobile app - the separate app that controls the sync box - will be phased out from app stores.


    Philips Hue is making syncing lights with music available on even more devices. Now you can immerse yourself in music by syncing your Philips Hue smart lights with your favorite songs on any Samsung Galaxy smartphone with Philips Hue + SmartThings music sync. If you use a Galaxy phone or tablet, use the Music Sync feature in Samsung’s SmartThings app to connect your smart lights. When you update the SmartThings app, SmartThings will enable Hue sync, an easy way to sync your lights and music from most streaming services on your mobile device. Planned for Q4 2022.


    New Mimic presence automation provides added peace of mind when you’re away


    The new Philips Hue Mimic presence automation in the Hue app makes it appear like someone’s always home. It’s designed to safeguard your home with light and help give you peace of mind when you’re away. This specialized automation turns your lights on and off automatically at times when you usually use them, and in the Rooms you select. You can select which lights you want to automate, and choose whether to have the lights turn on or off continuously during the daytime or only when it’s dark outside. Available early September 2022. 

    At Philips Hue, we believe the continued integration of smart lighting and home entertainment is increasingly relevant to our users, whether they’re gaming, watching TV, or listening to music. With our new products and app features, we continue to offer a more immersive and user-friendly entertainment experience. We also recognize that our users are design-conscious and so we strive to bring them new, exciting, and elegant lighting products that complement their home and give the opportunity to personalize the ambiance.”


    Jasper Vervoort

    Business Leader Philips Hue at Signify.  

    To find out more about the latest Philips Hue products and app features, visit




    • Philips Hue Lightguide bulbs (Available Q4 2022 in EU and NAM) 
      EU: EUR 84.99 - 99.99
      USD 74.99 - 89.99
    • Philips Hue Lightguide pendant cords in black or white (Available Q4 2022 in EU and NAM)
      EU: EUR 49.99
      USD 49.99
    • Philips Hue White ambiance Filament candle bulbs (Available September 13 in EU and NAM) 
      EU: EUR 44.99, 2-pack EUR 64.99
      : USD 44.99, 2-pack USD 64.99
    • Philips Hue slim downlight (Available September 1 in NAM) 
      US: USD 69.99
      CAD 79.99
    • Philips Hue Play gradient lightstrip for PC (Available September 13 in EU and NAM) 
      EU: 24/27-inch EUR 149.99, 32/34-inch EUR 169.99, 3 screen 24/27-inch EUR 259.99
      24/27-inch USD 169.99, 32/34-inch USD 189.99, 3 screen 24/27-inch USD 279.99
    • Philips Hue Play gradient lightstrip for PC starter kit (Available September 13 in EU)
      24/27-inch EUR 199.99, 32/34-inch EUR 219.99, 3 screen 24/27-inch EUR 299.99


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