Led Signage Licensing Program

    Led Signage Licensing Program


    LED Signage Licensing Program

    LED lighting provides a reliable, efficient and cost effective technology solution for illuminated signage in today’s green and energy-conscious world. Our LED Signage Licensing program covers all the patents you may need to create innovative solutions for signage, allowing you to capitalise on opportunities in this expanding market.


    • One license gives you access to over 200 Philips Lighting inventions. Applicable to LED based signage solutions ranging from basic LED controls to system-level technologies
    Led Signage
    • Speed up your product development
    • Reduce time to market
    • Increase sourcing flexibility and cost effectiveness

    How can I benefit from the program?

    Whether you sell complete LED signage or signage kits, the LED Signage Licensing program allows you to incorporate specific Philips patented signage technologies into your products.

    Join the program

    By becoming a licensee, you can benefit from our innovative LED signage technology ranging from basic LED controls to system level technologies and accelerate your business.


    The LED Signage Licensing program covers over 200 inventions. It has extensive geographic exposure, covering all continents.

    The patents cover a number of dedicated patents for signage plus inventions from LED controls to system-level technologies. The signage technologies include patents for creating homogenous lighting of signage using LEDs.

    Shorten your time to market

    Joining the program gives you access to all the patents in this program, enabling you to shorten your time to market and achieve both an excellent balance of cost-to-quality and cost-effectiveness for your products.

    Becoming a licensee  

    As a technology leader, Signify has a long heritage of licensing its intellectual property and fostering technological innovation. This promotes and increases the growth of new markets and benefits parties involved in the cycle (manufacturers, suppliers and consumers).

    How to join

    Want to benefit from the LED Signage licensing program? It’s very easy. Our specialists around the world are ready to assist you and answer any questions queries you may have. They will help you every step of the way, fast tracking you to using our patent-protected technology.

    1. Meet with a Signify IP licensing representative

    The LED signage program can be made available for various product offerings, so it is important to understand what your offering to the market is to determine the correct license fee for you. We make a distinction between finished posterboxes and signage kits. What do you offer?

    - Finished posterboxes with the following lighting options:
       - Single color
       - Tuneable white
       - Color changing

    - Signage kits which contain only the driver and LED light engine.
    - Both finished posterboxes and signage kits.
    signage kit

    2. Portfolio Analysis

    We work with you to determine which of your products are relevant and require a license.

    3. Choose the royalty reporting approach

    Choose between the flat rate and itemized approach which is explained in the Royalties Payment section.

    Royalties / Payment

    Royalty payments for the LED-based Signage and Signage kit program are based on net revenue* for any relevant products. Royalty payments are charged only for products manufactured or sold in countries where Signify has at least one issued patent covering a feature of the licensed product.
    For signage kits containing the driver and LED light engine
    the royalty payment is 9%
    For completed posterboxes with lighting options the royalty payment is dependent of the color of the LEDs:
    3% for single color
    4% for tuneable white
    5% for color changing

    * Net Revenue is the price invoiced by a posterbox or posterbox-kit supplier to its customer, excluding freight, insurances, and taxes
    There are two royalty payment methods to choose from: flat rate or itemized

    Flat rate

    In this approach, the royalty will reflect the average rate over all products sold, taking into account the patent coverage per country of manufacture or sale (as the case may be). This flat rate (weighted average) approach also requires much less paperwork.


    The itemized approach is a standard, product-by-product royalty approach based on net revenues of relevant products and relevant sales on a country-by-country basis. This approach requires a more time and effort, it provides a line-by-line itemised overview of the licensed products.