Poster boxes: Creative lighting for striking signs

    Poster boxes: Creative lighting for striking signs


    Made to hold signs such as adverts and information notices, poster boxes are a familiar sight. They can be seen on bus shelters, buildings and at exhibitions. Poster boxes often incorporate lighting to illuminate the signs at night. Traditionally, fluorescent lighting has been used but it is being rapidly superseded by LED lighting.


    Efficiency, longevity and durability are always among the top features of LEDs in any application. Poster boxes are no exception, with LEDs offering significant savings due to reduced energy usage and lower maintenance. LEDs can simply replace the existing fluorescent lighting, yet poster boxes lit by LEDs can do so much more. Let’s explore some of the possibilities of poster boxes illuminated with LED......


    Emotional experience


    Being dimmable and tuneable, LED technologies bring a wealth of lighting possibilities. Dimming offers further energy savings, while also providing the right amount of light to suit the conditions – twilight, for example, or to meet local authority guidelines for reducing light pollution. Color LED modules enable further creativity and can be tuned to match each poster or provide a warmer or cooler light, evoking more emotion. Or they can simply highlight a specific color – for instance, more red illumination for a shop’s promotion on tomatoes one week; more yellow for sunflowers the next week. Furthermore, LED technologies offer more options for control and convenience. With LED poster boxes networked together, they can all be controlled – individually or in groups – from a single computer.


    Poster boxes typically range in size from 300 x 300 mm to 5 x 8 m. However, our patented technique for homogenous lighting can be used in any size of poster box. The LEDs are placed at the sides of the box and the light is reflected around the inside of the poster box before illuminating the poster. This ensures that the display face is homogeneously illuminated with no “zoning” or “zebra – stripes” to distract from the message being conveyed.  Also, the ‘boxes’ do not need to be rectangular to use this method of lighting, almost any shape can be lit.


    Signs of the times


    Due to the global widespread nature of poster boxes and their variety, LED-lit poster boxes are a growing market. They can be used in countless applications. Theatres, supermarkets, petrol stations, office partitions, and as logos and rolling signs to name a few. LED poster boxes are also appearing on street lamps in many areas; and their visual impact makes them increasingly popular at exhibitions.