Burlington Sessions #4: A New Language of Lighting


    Listen to Lighting Designers and Artists to find out more about their passions on lighting architecture.

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    Signify and the Lighting Academy hosted the 4th Burlington Sessions, a CoCreate aimed at bringing together world renown lighting artists and designers. This invitation only event, is leading the way into the future of lighting.

    These sessions are very hands-on, Signify shares some of the solutions we are developing in a very early stage, our guests were able to experiment and explore, and share their ideas on what/how would these concepts work for them and their customers.

    The goal is to engage with extreme/ fringe lighting artists and designers – those who inspire us, push the limits of what lighting can do, create a new language of lighting!

    Our Guests

    Juengling Dietrich

    Dietrich Juengling (USA)

    Lighting Designer

    Dietrich has over 37 years of design experience and having worked extensively throughout the United States and Asia, He has an immense amount of experience collaborating with people of various cultures. 

    As Principal Designer at Universal Studios Japan, he managed design, schedules from schematics through installation, budgets, and negotiations with major regional vendors. 

    As a result of his experience overseas, Dietrich realized the importance of 3D imaging as a tool for communication. 

    He focused his energies developing tools and methods to create photorealistic images to better convey design and installation intent.  

    The photorealistic images enabled his clients to save millions of dollars’ worth of potential delays and changes.   

    For the last 15 years, Dietrich has exclusively worked with Marc Brickman to bring all his talents to bear.  

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    Marc B
    Marc Brickman (USA) 
    Managing director/artist Tactical Manoeuvre

    Marc's groundbreaking work as an artist, director, producer and lighting designer has reached audiences of millions world-wide. Marc's work includes productions for Pink Floyd, Paul McCartney, In 2012 Anthony Malkin, chairman, president and CEO of Empire State Realty Trust tapped Brickman to re-imagine the lighting of the Empire State Building. Since then Marc's work with The Empire State Building has transcended definition. 


    Technological innovations over the last 50 years include:

    First use of moving video screens (Genesis 1992), implementation of the world’s most powerful copper-vapor lasers (Pink Floyd 1994), first designer to assemble a team of programmers who specialized in control of their respective called the production desk (Pink Floyd 1987), patents on a smoke curtain (for Steven Spielberg’s A.I.), an audio sync app (used at Empire State Building, Vulcan Statue, Noor Riyadh), and an inflatable touring venue/soundstage, as well as revolutionary changes in computerized lighting control and fixture automation.

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    Yael Erel
    Yael Erel (USA)
    Architect, educator, light artist and co-founder of lightexture Assistant Professor - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
    YAEL EREL is an architect, educator and light artist. She interweaves light research with academic teaching and practice. Erel is a registered architect and co-founder of lightexture lighting practice, designing light fixtures and light art installation. Her research focuses on spatial drawings with light and reflections. She has been immersed in architectural education since 2004 and is currently an assistant professor at the Rensselaer School of Architecture.

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    Kai Diederichsen

    Kai Diederichsen 
    Owner, Luz en Arquitectura SC, Independent Lighting Designer  


    Kai is a Lighting Designer based in Mexico City. He understands light as a revealer and definer of three dimensional space, since he was trained as an architect, specialized in architecture and environment.

    Before he founded Luz en Arquitectura more than 20 years ago with his partner Jessica Rodriguez, Kai collaborated with Gustavo Avilés in Mexico - where he worked more empirical with light, and with Bartenbach in Austria where the focus was more technical. Over the years he has developed his own vision of light, influenced by some of the recent neuroscientific research that studies the impact of light on human beings and linking these to his many years of experience he has with light. He has also been a lecturer in Latin America, Europe and the US

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    Guto Requena

    Architect and Creative Cirector Estudio Guto Requena
    Diretor Criativo no Estudio Guto Requena


    Brazilian architect Guto Requena creates projects through the use of digital technologies, guided by sustainability, aiming to stimulate empathy. Light Creature is a 30th floor media facade that reacts according to the pollution and urban sounds in São Paulo and the Dancing Pavilion is kinetic architecture in Rio de Janeiro that reacts to people's emotions collected by sensors inside the building. Estudio Guto Requena works through different scales as architecture, master plan, product design and interactive installation


    Watch this reel about Estudio Guto Requena

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    David Spriggs
    Contemporary Artist


    David Spriggs is an artist exploring the space between the 2nd and 3rd dimensions. Spriggs is known for his unique large-scale 3D ephemeral-like installations that use a technique he pioneered in 1999 layering transparent images.


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    Deepu Raj

    Founder/Principal Designer - LET Design 

    Deepu Raj is a visionary and creative individual, known for his innovative artistry, entrepreneurial spirit, and technological expertise in the lighting industry. With over two decades of experience, he has established an impeccable career as a leader.

    He consistently sets new benchmarks for industry standards, demonstrating his passion for staying up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies. As a leader, Deepu excels in delegating responsibilities and mentoring his large team.

    His commitment to ongoing learning and professional development is evident in his ability to consistently create stunning displays of light and shadow.

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    Dorothy di Stefano

    Thought Leader Immersive Art, Curator,

    Creative Strategist, Arts Consultant, Art Director

    Dorothy Di Stefano, recognised as one of the world's leading voices in the realm of immersive and interactive art curation, has been featured in prestigious lists such as the "5 Most Influential Women to Watch in 2022" and the "10 Most influential Women Leaders of 2021". As the visionary creator and founder of Molten Immersive Art, she spearheads a collective of talented experiential artists and researchers who push the boundaries of art and technology.
    Jen Lewin (USA) 
    Jen Lewin – Principal Jen Lewin Studio
    Jen Lewin is an internationally recognized Artist – Engineer based in Brooklyn, New York. Over her 27-year career, Lewin has honed her architectural background and a highly technical medium to fabricate large-scale, interactive, public sculptures that encourage community interaction and play. Uniting nature and technology, Lewin thinks beyond traditional media to create connected human experiences that bring vibrancy to public spaces. Existing at the intersection of art, technology, and community, her sculptures underscore the ripple effects that each individual has on their community and habitat, the energy of human connection, and the power of collective action. Lewin is a recent recipient of the 2023 NY Lumen Awards for her currently traveling prolific work The Last Ocean.

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