Use and Application of the new Metrology for IPRGC- Influenced Responses to Light


    Welcome to the CIE Tutorial on S026 “Use and Application of the New Metrology for ipRGC- Influenced Responses to Light” in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.


    Date - March 14-15th 2019

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    Key topics and learnings


    This CIE Tutorial has been developed to support the understanding and proper application of CIE S 026. It is expected that an outcome for participants at this tutorial will be clarity on how light can be quantified and assessed for its ability to achieve important biological effects relevant for human health, performance and well-being, without depending on visual images.


    The focus of the tutorial is the implementation of the new international standard CIE S 026:2018 in lighting metrology, design and applications. Invited experts will present lectures that explain the basic concepts of the newly defined CIE metrics and quantities, discuss their implications, and provide practical examples for various application contexts, such as workplaces, schools, hospitals and elderly (care) homes.


    Tutorial participants will learn how to quantify optical radiation for its ability to stimulate each of the five retinal photoreceptors (three cones, rods and melanopsin-containing ipRGCs) that can contribute to the non-visual responses to light, and how these responses affect people’s health, functioning and well-being. Some of the deatils are mentioned below:


    Venue: Signify Headquarters on the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, NL


    If you are interested to participate in this tutorial you can find more information on the CIE website. In case you have any questions, please send an email to:

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