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    Reliability lab

    Reliability lab for fast insight in the performance of your products


    With reliability testing, you can verify compliance to applicable standards and requirements, or it can help you to improve the reliability of your products by early identification of failures.


    By getting a better understanding of failure mechanisms and the physics of failure, it will enable a confident estimation of the reliability and lifetime of your products. For this, the most important aspect of reliability engineering is the capability to perform accelerated tests on system level and components.


    The Reliability lab of Signify Innovation labs is equipped with state-of-the-art test equipment and supporting tools to enable you to get fast insight in the performance of your products over life.


    We furthermore have efficient quality control processes installed to secure the integrity of our test results. For this we have integrated the applicable requirements of the ISO 17025 standard into our procedures and way of working.


    We invite you to experience our enthusiasm and craftmanship and pay a visit to our reliability testing laboratory in the basement of HTC48.

    Want to discuss a potential Reliability project?