An eco-friendly approach to lighting

    High Tech Campus, the


    Saving both time and energy were key drivers behind the High Tech Campus’ decision to choose our circular lighting service.

    "This technology ensures significant energy savings and produces lower carbon emissions. This means we will not have to do anything with our lighting system for the next ten years, because Signify will handle all of that."


    Harrie Arends, Operations Manager, High Tech Campus Eindhoven

    Customer Challenge

    The High Tech Campus in Eindhoven is home to over 140 businesses, from start-ups to long-time residents. Claiming to be ‘the smartest square meters in the Netherlands’, the campus houses many researchers who are working towards creating the next generation of technology.

    But the futuristic thinking doesn’t stop there. The campus needed a new lighting system in their parking garages that not only used the latest technology, but also reflected their focus on sustainable business operations.


    Taking on board the campus’ eco-friendly approach, we rolled out the circular lighting service in all of their parking garages.

    With Signify retaining responsibility for maintenance of the new lighting, the High Tech Campus management team was able to focus their time elsewhere. On top of this, our circular lighting service delivered a 70% saving on energy consumption across the parking garages.

    We also provided the campus with the option of updating luminaires as the latest technology becomes available, resulting in a fully future-proof system.

    Case Studies

    • Düsseldorf smart lighting

      Düsseldorf smart lighting

      3,000 public light points have been added to the Interact system as part of Düsseldorf's push to become climate-neutral by 2035 and develop into a smart city.

    • Sartorius Singapore

      Sartorius Singapore

      Signify’s innovative lighting solutions has enabled Sartorius to be a sustainability-centric organization while creating a productive workplace.

    • Vredenbergh residential care center

      Vredenbergh residential care center

      With the help of NatureConnect lighting, Vredenbergh upgraded their nurse workstation, enhancing their health and wellbeing at work.

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