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    Cities are major contributors to greenhouse gases — about 70% of all emissions — but they also represent the biggest opportunities for change.

    Municipalities need viable solutions that can be implemented relatively quickly. Lighting is an easy and immediately impactful way to make real progress toward your environmental and sustainability goals — while at the same time exercising fiscal responsibility.

    16.1 TWh

    of electricity could be saved if the entire UKI switched to LED lighting in the professional segment

    3.9 million tons

    of CO2 emissions could be saved annually

    € 3.8 billion

    could be saved per year in energy costs

    LED lighting can fight climate change and more

    Switching all convential road and steet lights to LED could save the UKI 603 thousand tons of carbon and €594 million per year in energy costs.


    The benefits of connected LED lighting do not end with sustainability advantages: there are benefits to the people in your city as well. To give just two examples, connected LED lighting can reduce nighttime traffic accidents by up to 30%, and street-crime by up to 21%.


    We strive for an injury-free, illness-free work environment, with an emphasis on an injury-prevention mindset.
    The health and safety of our employees is a top priority. We care for our people – each employee, contractor and visitor has the right to a safe working environment.Through consistent effort, accidents and occupational illnesses can be prevented and we believe that everyone within our organization shares responsibility for achieving a world-class level in occupational health and safety performance.

    We strive for an injury-free, illness-free work environment, with an emphasis on an injury-prevention mindset.

    Make the best use of the UK's Ten Point Plan

    By making billions in funding available, the Ten Point Plan represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become part of the green revolution and for us to take immediate and aggressive climate action. With our Green Switch program, Signify is your best partner to help you assess and effectively make use of governmental stimulus and recovery funds.

    Join Green Switch, and do your part to dramatically reduce the effects of global warming.

    Connected LED lighting is the key

    reaching tipping point

    Is global climate action reaching a tipping point?


    We have the technology to combat climate change, and we have the incentives and subsidies. But do we have the will?

    the dawn of the digital

    The dawn of the digital lighting metropolis


    To make your city smart, why not use the citywide lighting network that you already possess?

    leds driving china

    Connected LEDs are driving China’s decarbonization goals forward

    China's "dual carbon" strategy seeks to use lighting to peak the country’s greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and become carbon neutral by 2060.

    The time for action is now — make the Green Switch today