Walk the green walk

    Walk the green walk

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    Business for people and the planet


    The Ten Point Plan is making billions in funding available to the UK to fund zero carbon building and renovation projects.

    Experienced consultants and service providers have an important role to play here. They can help city decision-makers understand the stakes and the potential of using recovery and resilience funds to make their businesses work for people and the planet, rather than against it.

    80% less electricity

    consumed by LED lighting vs conventional

    16.1 TWh

    of electricity could be saved if the entire UKI switched to LED lighting in the professional segment

    4,381 thousand households

    equivalent to an annual consumption

    LED lighting offers quick wins

    Lighting represents the “low-hanging fruit” of the climate mitigation revolution. With funding available under the Ten Point Plan and the cost savings that can be realized from switching to managed LED lighting, you almost can’t afford not to participate.


    With energy savings of up to 80% over conventional lighting, managed LED lighting systems offer proven ROI. Reducing lighting-related energy consumption lowers both energy costs and CO2 emissions. Carbon-neutral building and renovation projects create jobs, improve people’s lives, and help the planet.


    We strive for an injury-free, illness-free work environment, with an emphasis on an injury-prevention mindset.
    The health and safety of our employees is a top priority. We care for our people – each employee, contractor and visitor has the right to a safe working environment.Through consistent effort, accidents and occupational illnesses can be prevented and we believe that everyone within our organization shares responsibility for achieving a world-class level in occupational health and safety performance.

    We strive for an injury-free, illness-free work environment, with an emphasis on an injury-prevention mindset.

    We went there, and we did that

    Signify has a strong reputation in public lighting around the world. We are well recognized as a sustainable company, with our own experience in becoming a carbon neutral company to share. We’ve been there and done that, and we can show you and the cities you serve how to go there and do that too.

    We can help you get into action immediately and create solutions that you can build on for the long term. And we can promote your company or practice to give you better visibility for flagship projects in your region or country.

    Connected LED lighting is the key

    walk the green walk

    Lighting is Europe's key to building renovation


    Signify calls for an accelerated transition to energy-effieicnt LED lighting.

    connected lighting can help

    Connected lighting can help resolve the energy crisis


    The easiest and most expedient way to mitigate the energy crisis is to embrace LED-based IoT lighting systems.

    limit climate change

    Limit climate change? Start with lighting

    Switching to LED lighting can dramatically cut carbon emissions—and it’s a lot less invasive than changes to other systems.

    The time for action is now — make the Green Switch today