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    Sustainable business


    Signify has successfully installed tens of thousands of LED lighting systems around the world, with millions of light points under management.

    Signify leads in sustainability as well. Signify achieved carbon-neutral operations in September 2020, and has been listed as industry leaders on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for five straight years.

    3.9 million tons

    of CO2 emissions could be saved annually

    16.1 TWh

    of electricity could be saved if the entire UKI switched to LED lighting in the professional segment

    € 3.8 billion

    could be saved per year in energy costs

    The enormous, untapped potential of LED

    Lighting is something of an open secret because it’s rarely directly mentioned in government plans and roadmaps. But get your head around this: in the UKI a green switch to LED lighting in the professional market could mean eliminating 3.9 million tonnes of CO2 emissions and saving a total of EUR 3.8 billion per year.


    The switch to LED lighting in the professional lighting market could reduce CO2 emissions by 3.9 million tonnes in the UKI. The switch could generate electricity needed to charge 4.7 million electric cars.


    We strive for an injury-free, illness-free work environment, with an emphasis on an injury-prevention mindset.
    The health and safety of our employees is a top priority. We care for our people – each employee, contractor and visitor has the right to a safe working environment.Through consistent effort, accidents and occupational illnesses can be prevented and we believe that everyone within our organization shares responsibility for achieving a world-class level in occupational health and safety performance.

    We strive for an injury-free, illness-free work environment, with an emphasis on an injury-prevention mindset.

    Real, green solutions

    With our Green Switch program, we’re ready to help businesses and municipalities across the UK  get closer to achieving carbon neutrality ahead of the 2030 and 2050 target.

    We work directly with municipalities of all sizes to properly direct funding into real solutions that will reliably deliver real results. Now is the time to take action, and LED and connected lighting from Signify is the place to start.

    Connected LED lighting is the key

    connected lighting can help

    Connected lighting can help resolve the energy crisis

    The easiest and most expedient way to mitigate the energy crisis is to embrace LED-based IoT lighting systems.

    limit climate change

    Limit climate change? Start with lighting


    Switching to LED lighting can dramatically cut carbon emissions—and it’s a lot less invasive than changes to other systems.

    race to zero

    Lesson from Signify's Race to Zero

    We made it. For those of you embarking on your own Race to Zero, here are some things we learned along the way.

    The time for action is now — make the Green Switch today