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    Take effective climate action


    By making funding available to the UK to take immediate and aggressive climate action, the ten Point Plan represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become part of the green revolution.

    3.9 million tons

    of CO2 emissions could be saved annually

    16.1 TWh

    of electricity could be saved if the entire UKI switched to LED lighting in the professional segment

    € 3.8 billion

    could be saved per year in energy costs

    What LED and connected lighting can do

    The effects of upgrading to connected LED are significant even at the level of a mid-sized municipality.


    If a medium industrial town were to upgrade all of its 42,000 conventional light points to LED, carbon emissions could potentially be reduced by 5,379 million tons of CO2 per year—equivalent to the CO2 sequestered by almost a quarter of a million trees. This also represents electricity savings of over 21,000 MWh per year, or an annual savings of around €6.3 million.


    We strive for an injury-free, illness-free work environment, with an emphasis on an injury-prevention mindset.
    The health and safety of our employees is a top priority. We care for our people – each employee, contractor and visitor has the right to a safe working environment.Through consistent effort, accidents and occupational illnesses can be prevented and we believe that everyone within our organization shares responsibility for achieving a world-class level in occupational health and safety performance.

    We strive for an injury-free, illness-free work environment, with an emphasis on an injury-prevention mindset.

    Your best solution

    Your needs are unique, so we don’t sell one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we collaborate with you to tailor solutions that answer your specific needs. We make it easy to quote and buy from our extensive portfolio of sustainable lighting products, systems, and services.

    We also know how to collaborate with other vendors to create a smart platform that can bring multiple system verticals together for the biggest possible wins—in sustainability, energy savings, cost reductions, operational efficiency, and greenhouse gas mitigation.

    Connected LED lighting is the key

    a clean alternative

    Signify solar lighting is a clean alternative


    As part of Signify's Green Switch initiative, solar lighting is being promoted as a cost-effective and cleaner technology alternative to traditional street lighting.

    green recovery goals

    For energy-efficiency gains, let’s get our houses in order


    Raising the global building renovation rate will cut greenhouse gas emissions and reap multiple rewards.

    dawn of digital lighting

    Making the City work for its Citizens

    To make your city smart, why not use the citywide lighting network that you already possess?

    The time for action is now — make the Green Switch today