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    Online lighting calculator

    Quick, easy indoor and outdoor lighting designs right at your fingertips

    Lighting calculations quick, free and built for you

    Signify has joined forces with North America's leading lighting software company Lighting Analysts to integrate their Luxiflux online lighting calculator into our eCatalog.
    indoor calculation

    Indoor - Luxiflux Zonal


    With this 3D indoor zonal cavity calculation tool you can quickly estimate the light levels, number of luminaires, power density and lighting layout, for a simple rectangular space.


    • Select a luminaire and customize the settings
    • Configure room size and reflectances
    • Design by preferred light level or quantity of luminaires
    • Customize the layout
    • View, share and print results
    Watch demonstration video
    outdoor calculation

    Outdoor - Luxiflux Area


    With this 3D outdoor calculation tool you can quickly configure pole spacing, heights, light levels and let the tool make recommendations.


    • Select a luminaire and customize the settings
    • Configure the layout settings by adjusting the size, pole configuration, and tilt
    • View point-by-point results or visualize in 3D with contours and shading
    • Print and share
    Watch demonstration video

    Where can you find it?


    Anywhere in the eCatalog where you find IES files you can find the Calc button.  This will launch the online lighting calculator.

    where to find?