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      • Payback Calculator Tool


    Get the ROI on your LED upgrade with our easy-to-use calculator. You’ll receive a downloadable report for your project which includes the project details, energy savings, utility rebates, ROI, payback, and environmental impact. The reports can be customized to every project’s needs by adding rooms, different lighting fixtures per room, and adding separate locations in the same project.


    How to use:


    1. Fill out all information about your project, including pre and post fixture quantity and type


    2. If you have multiple lines you’d like to include, click the green + icon on the top right of the screen. You can use the arrows to toggle between lines.


    3. Enter your postal code and choose the correct utility to generate utility rebates. This will also help to improve the accuracy of the energy savings calculations.

    Signify offers an extensive portfolio of lighting products, most of which qualify for multiple utility rebates at any given time. Easily search our product e-Catalog and use the “Energy Certifications” search option at the top of the page to filter products based on DLC or Energy Star qualification.