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    Driven by responsible innovation

    Signify and Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 are driven by a shared passion for technology and the desire to push the boundaries of what is possible. Our innovations in lighting support the team’s ambition to become the world’s most sustainable in sport, serve the well-being and performance of drivers and team members, and deliver powerful experiences for fans, trackside and at home. 


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    World's most sustainable sports team

    World's most sustainable sports team

    As the world leader in lighting, we have led the transformation and rapid decarbonization of our industry. With our partnership comes a commitment to support the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 Team’s own ambitious target to reach net-zero carbon emissions, as a signatory of The Climate Pledge. We deliver world-class energy efficient, connected, and circular lighting solutions that save energy, minimize waste, and secure a sustainable future for high-performance sport. 
    Wellbeing and performance

    Wellbeing and performance

    To win in F1, every member of the team must perform to their full potential. Our lighting innovations will create the optimal conditions for the drivers and team members, helping them see, feel, and function at their best. Our advanced lighting technology brings the power of daylight indoors, supporting the body’s natural rhythm, improving well-being, and elevating performance, day and night. 
    Unforgettable experiences

    Unforgettable experiences

    The fastest show on earth should be perfectly lit. We deliver inspiring light shows and night races as clear as day. We illuminate every turn when you are trackside and transport you to the heart of the action with immersive TV and gaming surround lighting in the comfort of your home.

    Signify brands for consumers


    Setting the mood in your living room, brightening up your kitchen, or beautifying your garden, our energy-efficient LED lamps and luminaires offer a solution for every lighting need in and around your home.

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    The #1 consumer lighting brand for your home. From the most UltraEfficient™ lights for indoors to outdoor fixtures that are made to perform in all weather conditions, Philips makes life bright and inviting. 


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    The leading brand in connected consumer lighting. With its ever-expanding range of smart LED lights, controls, and home security devices, it’s the best choice for your smart home.
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    The smart lighting brand that’s made for everyone. Easy to use, simple to set up, surprisingly thoughtful. 


    Signify Professional Lighting solutions 

    Our teams of experts are focused on making cutting-edge lighting technology count. Thanks to our Interact IoT system, professional customers can improve their operations through lighting automation and data-driven insights. Philips UltraEfficient and circular lighting solutions help reduce energy costs, environmental impact, and CO2 emissions. And our innovations, such as Signify NatureConnect and Philips BioUp, in combination with Interact IoT software, can positively impact how people see, feel, and perform.

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