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    A vision of versatility

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    Lumec OmniScape


    OmniScape LED Post Top and Arm Mount luminaires offer a clean and modern aesthetic while providing a foundation to build your vision and enhance any outdoor space. Along with providing uniquely customizable design flexibility and personalization, these luminaires deliver industry-leading performance. This family also allows for the integration of connected ready controls and technology.

    Customize your vision


    Mix components to create your own personal style and accentuate any outdoor space. OmniScape is designed to meet a broad range of contemporary, transitional or historical lighting applications in a single family.



    Boasting a modern and refined aesthetic, the contemporary style incorporates a minimalist design language and soft volume transitions. Luminaire arms create an overall conical form, featuring gentle radii transitions and generous chamfers, adding character and creating a sense of unity. This style is distinctively modern and aimed at contemporary architectural spaces, yet its minimalist appearance makes it suitable for a variety of outdoor areas.



    A harmonious fusion of classic and modern elements, the transitional style creates a sophisticated and elegant look. The smooth fitter and curved arms are inspired by the natural beauty of the calla lily and flow seamlessly from the base to the light source. The open frame design is a stylish feature that also pays homage to the historic luminaire that once illuminated the most renowned parks in North America. The transitional design is adaptable and timeless, complementing any architectural style or outdoor setting.



    The historical style draws inspiration from the past while incorporating seamlessly into the present, featuring a sleek acorn-shaped body that evokes the classic style of historical luminaires without the need for a globe. The double arched arms connect the fitter to the roof, creating a smooth and elegant classic silhouette. The top section combines dome and cornice forms to add character and familiarity to the design. The design is suitable for both historical and modern settings, as it blends the past and the present in a refined and versatile way.



    Custom combinations

    • Contemporary, transitional or historical style
    • Post top or arm mount
    • Skirt and finial options
    • LEDgine or ComfortEdge™ light engines
    • 2700, 3000, 4000K CCT in 70/80 CRI
    • Multiple distributions available



    Two light engines: LEDgine or ComfortEdge™


    LEDgine 4000K, 70CRI

    • Post top: Up to 18,000lm (169 LPW)
    • Arm mount: Up to 21,000lm (198 LPW)


    • Post top: Up to 16,000lm (132 LPW)
    • Arm mount: Up to 18,000lm (152 LPW)



    Connected ready options/controls

    • Zhaga certified driver (zD4i)
    • DALI driver
    • Sensor ready driver (SR)
    • 7-pin receptacle (TRLD7)
    • Zhaga socket (TLRSR)
    • Outdoor multi-sensor (OMS)
    • Microwave motion sensors (MW)
    • Field adjustable wattage selector (FAWS)
    • Photoelectric cell controls (PH)
    OverviewScale NLUC

    Lighting performance


    OmniScape offers multiple optical distributions for both ComfortEdge or Precision light engines.



    High performance comfort optics, offering the distribution of precision optics in a comfort optics solution



    Higher performance optics for use at higher mounting heights or with applications requiring wider luminaire spacing

    Dark Sky friendly


    Zero uplight with a warmer CCT offering

    OmniScape LED post top
    OSP-CCC-C-GY with pole Interact

    Controls and Interact City


    OmniScape luminaires come standard with a 7-pin receptacle and dimming driver, enabling connected lighting solutions. As an option, OmniScape can also be ordered with the universal Zhaga Book 18 receptacle and D4i or SR drivers to connect sensors. That means you can install your luminaires today and add nodes and sensors later – without any hassle.


    Signify offers the Interact City lighting management system and connector nodes to enable remote management, monitoring and control of OmniScape luminaires. The outdoor multi-sensor enables motion detection and delivers noise and temperature sensor information to provide situational awareness for better decision making.


    Learn more about Interact City