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    Innovation in Bloom

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    Performance without compromise


    Inspired by L-Prize-winning technology, BloomBox combines breakthrough high efficacy LED technology and optics with low glare to bring quality illumination to a variety of applications.

    • Efficacy: up to 170 lm/W
    • Glare: UGR < 19
    • Spacing: up to 14'x14' OC
    • CRI: AccuRender CRI 90+ standard
    • Low-profile 2.18" depth
    • Field-replaceable LED boards


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    Designed with intention…and modularity


    Intentionally designed for efficient material use up-front, BloomBox's focus on environmentally conscious construction and eliminating waste comes to life in its modular, field-replaceable LED tray design and optics.


    BloomBox invites enthusiasts of technology and unique design to approach sustainability from multiple angles.


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    Integral control with Interact


    When controlled via Interact with discrete, integral sensors, BloomBox has the potential to unlock additional energy savings. Luminaire-level lighting control allows for improved occupant comfort, tailored sequences of operations, and easy updates to scenes or zones through the Interact Pro App when future circumstances call for change.


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    The inspiration behind BloomBox


    BloomBox was born out of a desire to introduce the design community to a luminaire that would not require sacrifice.


    As spaces have needs far beyond their functional requirements and the design community aims to serve people and planet, researchers explored how to optimize efficiency, deliver quality of light, enhance flexibility, and provide potential sustainability benefits within a luminaire that delivers a pleasant occupant experience.


    The result was a prototype luminaire that would go on to win the Department of Energy's esteemed L-Prize.


    That prototype served as the basis for BloomBox, which now brings the benefits of multifaceted advanced design into commercial production.