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    Signify Outdoor 3D Configurator

    The most powerful resource for Lumec and Hadco products on the Web


    The undisputable web tool that enables you to create and visualize a 3D presentation of a complete luminaire assembly within a 2D or 3D environment. Easy to use, the Signify Outdoor 3D Configurator for Lumec and Hadco luminaires makes assembling, visualizing, ordering and testing easier than ever before.


    Access Signify Outdoor 3D Configurator

    Watch these videos to maximize your output from our 3D tool

    3D configurator chapter 1
    General overview
    3D configurator chapter 2
    Building your product
    3D configurator chapter 3
    Working with 2D scenes
    3D configurator chapter 4
    Working with 3D scenes
    3D configurator chapter 5
    Using the service request page