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    Tovèrli has been a leader in light control technology in the Netherlands for many years. As a valued light control and system integration specialist, they provide concept development, engineering, programming, consultancy, delivery, training, support and smooth integration of all conceivable disciplines. Tovèrli has their origins in the entertainment industry and are now a trusted partner for hospitality, hotels, offices, retail, museums, healthcare institutions, yacht construction, industry and luxury housing. They like to realize innovative solutions for complex technical issues.
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    Tovèrli is specialized in light control systems and system integration for hotels, restaurants, offices, retail, museums, healthcare institutions, yachts, industry and luxury housing. They are specialized in Philips Dynalite and Interact Hospitality.



    The Foundation has  3 primary focus areas for project and partner selection:
    The Foundation has  3 primary focus areas for project and partner selection:

    Pillows Hotel Anna van den Vondel
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    This hotel, located in the centre of Amsterdam, is equipped with a Philips Dynalite control system for all lighting and climate controls, both in the rooms and the corridors. All functions in a room are housed in one clear control unit. Via “software suite management”, the status and temperature of each room can be easily monitored and adjusted via a dashboard on a workstation. The integration with the climate system has been realized with CoolAutomation. For this project, Tovèrli received the award for the most intelligent project in retail & hospitality 2018 from Signify.

    Het Rijksmuseum
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    The 80 halls with 8,000 works of art of the famous Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam have been renovated, as customized lighting was required to support the art experience of visitors and the preservation of artworks. This particularly challenging lighting solution, with almost three-quarters of a million LEDs, includes 3,800 LED spots, more than 1.8 kilometers of LED lighting for the ceiling and an advanced LED light control system with a customer-specific Web application for individual control of the LED spots. Tovèrli provided the Rijksmuseum with the engineering and commissioning of the Philips Dynalite system for the entire DALI light installation for the main building, Philips Wing and the Drawing School.

    Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
    Schiphol, The Netherlands

    Tovèrli has managed and accommodated around 4,500 DALI luminaires from departure halls 2 and 3 at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, the third largest airport in Europe, and housed them in 10 control cabinets. The operation for the check-in counters is via a time switch and manual operation. The operation for the security lanes is automated, whereby the security lanes that are not being used also get a light level to create a comfortable and safe atmosphere. In addition, there are links with the GBS of Schiphol, the KLIVIA system, for the status of lighting.
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