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    Top Audio is Israel’s leading company for planning and implementing smart home technology, using top-of-the-line customizable and innovative technologies to create truly unique home automation projects. Its projects include private homes, luxury buildings, offices, yachts and boutique hotels.

    Top Audio develops comprehensive solutions for command and control of home cinema systems, smart electricity, electric blinds and shading systems, audiovisual systems and computer networks. Top Audio provides professional consulting during the planning stages, supervision throughout the project, and follow-up activities.
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    Certified Value Added Partner

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    Indoor controls and home lighting


    The Foundation has  3 primary focus areas for project and partner selection:
    The Foundation has  3 primary focus areas for project and partner selection:

    Perfect Opposites
    Tel Aviv, Israel

    This luxury, 400sqm condominium tower in the Mediterranean coastal city of Tel Aviv was given the flavor of a nightclub at the request of its owner.  A wealth of audio-visual equipment and the apartment’s lighting systems are easily controllable by tablet or smartphone.   

    • "To minimize and camouflage the wiring… we decided to base the audio-video on a multi-regional matrix." says Yossi Gol, CEO of Top Audio.
    • At any time, the owner can choose to view or listen to any of the 20 television screens and speakers, via computer, tablets built into the walls, or smart phone.

    The Home of Indulgence
    Tel Aviv, Israel

    A home in Tel Aviv has been designed to be the ultimate crib, combining design luxury with leading technology, proving there’s really no place like home. "This home is designed to spoil. Every square meter was designed to be cozy, comfortable and fun", says designer Angela Lanciano, from Lanciano Design.

    • On the ground floor you find an inviting open space with an advanced entertainment center for music, projection and games.
    • “You can manage all of the smart systems in this house using a tablet or smart phone" - Lanciano
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    A Signify and Top Audio collaboration

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