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    For over 40 years, Sejeon Lighting has grown with the Korean lighting history. As a pioneer of the total lighting solution, Sejeon has abundant abilities to access all kind of project businesses and to be an all-round player from design to installation, commissioning and even manufacturing.
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    Sejeon Lighting is specialized in the public, hospitality & urban outdoor segment. Sejeon Lighting is specialized in Color Kinetics for urban outdoor, and Philips Dynalite as a control system. 


    The Foundation has  3 primary focus areas for project and partner selection:
    The Foundation has  3 primary focus areas for project and partner selection:

    Busan Harbor Bridge 
    Busan, South Korea

    The Busan Harbor is the largest harbor in Korea and is especially important as a hub of sea transportation and seaborne trade in North-East Asia. The Busan Harbor Bridge is the main bridge connecting the southern part of Busan. The beautiful and colorful lighting made it a landmark. The two main towers stand for union and are illuminated by Color Kinetics ColorReach Gen2. The number of cables is bilaterally symmetrical, based on the individual towers, and is illuminated by Color Kinetics ColorGraze.

    Hyundai Department Store
    Daegu, South Korea

    Hyundai Department Store is one of the largest shopping brands in Korea and has more than 20 stores nationwide. Daegu store is located in the city centre, which is the most popular place for the young generation. The exterior wall consists of over 700 pieces Color Kinetics iColor Flex LMX gen2, creating a dynamic media façade with almost 40K RGB nodes. 

    Bexco Convention Center 
    Busan, South Korea

    BEXCO (Busan Exhibition and Convention Center) was named one of Asia’s leading convention centers. As BEXCO held various congresses, international conferences and events, the end user wanted to build a new pedestrian bridge connecting the two buildings of the convention center. Color Kinetics iColor Flex LMX was the best solution to provide direct-view lighting designs with intense and vibrant colors, and to illuminate the entire exterior of the convention center’s sweeping pedestrian bridge.
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