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    Egea works with a focus on constant innovation, framing their services in infrastructure and high-end technology, allowing the development of intelligent strategies, for energy management and to improve the quality of citizen´s life.
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    Egea is specialized in Smart Lighting, Architectural Lighting, Dynamic Lighting, Performance Lighting and Street Lighting. They are specialized in Color Kinetics and Interact Landmark.



    The Foundation has  3 primary focus areas for project and partner selection:
    The Foundation has  3 primary focus areas for project and partner selection:

    Degollado Theater
    Guadalajara, Mexico

    The Degollado Theater is one of the architectural jewels intervened for the Lighting Master Plan of Guadalajara. Since its inception, the Color Kinetics system was implemented, allowing to scale the project to a dynamic lighting controlled by ActiveSite, converting it in the first building in Latin America and one of the few in the world to have this technology. In addition, this project has won multiple international awards. Currently, the theater is equipped with Interact Landmark, a pioneering technology system that provides a unique operation and efficiency experience.

    Zapopan Basilica
    Zapopan, Mexico

    The lighting design for this space feas a result of technology growth and energy efficiency. A system of dynamic whites has been installed that remotely controls the tonality and intensity of the hourly activated light and provides a play of light an shadow that moves across the building façade.

    The lighting strategy includes a VideoMapping show and offers as a plus a flexible platform of control, monitoring and remote automation of the lighting and audio system; making possible inviting tourists and residents to enjoy a unique outdoor experience.

    Alcalde Promenade
    Guadalajara, Mexico

    Reinforcing the field of connected and intelligent street lighting, the lighting project of Mayor Promenade offers a solution to urban problems from its different areas. The strategy proposes for 2020 to incorporate a system of remote control and automation managed with CityTouch technology, making these actions a powerful tool to stimulate an efficient government, which contributes to diminishing the excess of light, developing a Flexible Master Plan of Lighting to customize energy services and to adapt them to the changing needs of the future.
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